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An Adorable Device Fitbit Luxe Watch Review

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Hey And this is the beautiful Fitbit Lux, it has some great features. Here’s what the box looks like it is light they kept things very minimal with the Fitbit Lux, it’s really great to see no plastic is used in their packaging. And so what you get is an large strap in Case you need to make your watch a bit bigger. You get the charging cable with a magnetic attachment, the product information guide, quickstart guide and warranty. Then finally, the beautiful Fitbit likes and again all that packaged in this pretty compact box.

 I mean it looks really good, especially when you compare it to Fitbit. Other fitness trackers it’s made from a stainless steel casing, it has a really comfortable silicone band. And from the stainless steel end, you get a black or gold one. At the back, you’ll find your heartrate monitor infrared sensors and the charging Points. Also keep in mind, Fitbit watches work with both Android and iPhones. So despite of which you have, this watch will work perfectly for you. I love that the watch straps are interchangeable on the foot that likes it is a little bit difficult, but overall not too bad.

And all you need to do is pull the clip toward you it is very rigid. But you’ve unclipped it, you can pull the watch band away. So just take your time and be patient so not to break it and do the same on the opposite side to remove the top strap. This is basically the entire Fitbit likes and on their website, they have a bunch of different accessories and straps you can choose from. So no matter what your style, you’re bound to find something you like. And to put the straps back on, you literally trim them into place. And that’s it, it’s definitely much easier putting the straps on than taking them off.

Now onto the display. And mentioned, it does have a full color touchscreen, it looks super vibrant, colorful, the responsiveness is not too bad. I did find the display was really nice and bright. So no matter what the lighting conditions, you will definitely always be able to see the screen. And although the display itself is really nice, it is just so small, the glass is much bigger than the display, and the chin and forehead bezels are massive, you can see what I mean right over here where the display is just so much smaller than the actual watch face itself. I really do wish they had made the screen size much bigger. But, it does look good.

 And if you head on over to settings, you can choose from many different display options, like the brightness where you can toggle between dim Max, you can decide on the screen awake option your screen timeout option. Overall, the display is very nice, especially compared to like the charge four, I do just wish it was a bit bigger. onto some top features. And the Fitbit Lex was definitely designed for health and fitness. So in the Fitbit application, if you scroll down on the main dashboard, you’ll see this option that says health metrics. And in here, the Fitbit measures your breathing rates, your heart rate variability your skin temperature the night, you can get health reminders just by hitting to this section.

And then of course toggling on each one of the reminders. So it’s being hydrated mindfulness washing your hands, you can do it all over here. You can answer or the client calls on your watch and then take it on your phone. But just keep in mind you cannot speak through the watch or dial anyone you do get access to Basic information like SMS WhatsApp emails, but again, just keep in mind, you cannot respond or reply to of these messages on the watch. And then another awesome top feature are the many exercise modes you get. There are 20 different ones to choose from.

And you can add the shortcuts to your watch just by hitting into settings. Once you’ve done that it’s on your watch and you can easily access it. And those are just some of the coolest features. By the way. If you enjoyed this video, then hit that subscribe button because we’re on the road to 1 million. And if you loved I mean, that would be now on to some good old regular features and on the foot legs, you can change the clock face. There are only many clock faces to choose from. nonetheless, there are some awesome options and you’ve spotted one, you want to just go ahead and tap on it. Then hit that like button and the clubface will start installing on your watch. Here’s a closer look at some of the many options.

So depending on your style, I’m pretty much sure you’ll definitely find what you love. Aside from this watch being a fitness tracker. It is definitely a stress management tool. So the menu, you’ll still find the relaxed application that allows you to just calm your breathing the moments and you follow a simple inhale and exhale exercise after that it gives you all the metrics which are stored in Submit application and it logs the amount of careful minutes you’ve had. There is a really quick and nifty countdown timer where you can select not only the amount of minutes he wants, but seconds and when you’re done you tap the screen this little play button appears timer will begin. Once your timer is up, your watch will start vibrating to alert you and to turn it off you swipe that X up.

 Then if you swipe up from the home screen, you can see all your daily health metrics like your steps, calories burned, heart, sleep score and even exercise. So for a tracker type smartwatch, it is packed with some great features. But if you compare it to other Fitbit smartwatches or trackers, it is missing some features. So first of all, it does not have GPS built into the watch. If you do an exercise like running or walking for example, your watch will try to connect to your phone’s GPS and it is done that then you can see much more accurate metrics the map of where you ran or bought. It does not have the option for NFC payments. So if you need to make payments went up and about you will need to want it then we’re missing the always on display mode so your watch will either be on or off and there’s no in between.

But probably the worst missing feature that would have been great on the legs is there is no music connection, no music app, no music controls. I definitely feel like this was a massive missed opportunity is a fitness tracking watch. So you’re going to be using it when exercising and the music controls would have just been so much nicer to have so definitely keep this one in mind when thinking the Fitbit likes. Now let’s chat about the size of this watch and for comparison on the left hand side is the Fitbit Charge four and on the right hand side is the Fitbit Versa 3 you can see it is much smaller than the other watches wise it is roughly 34 millimeters long, roughly one centimeter thick and the display is only 16 millimeters long.

And again just for reference so you guys can see this is what the watch looks like on my wrist and I do have pretty small wrists so it isn’t really nice to slim design that is pretty much good for wrist size, but I do wish the display was bigger. Now I’m not gonna lie This is definitely a big perk to the watch and that is the battery can last for up to five days. This is what the charging cable and charging dock looks like it’s super duper simple and is magnetized So you crop the watch into place it magnetizes to the charger and you’re good to go charging doesn’t take very long at all and I must admit I much prefer the charger compared to last Fitbit ones. So guys, that is it for the beautiful Fitbit Flex.

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