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An Exclusive Device Sony Alpha ZV-E10

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Hey. And this this is the Sony Alpha Zen v 10, which is an amazing camera for content the camera quality is so damn good. My first impression is this is an amazing grab and go content creation camera. It’s all those studies of quantitative logging camps and mixed it with one of the top of the line cameras to get this epic is Zed v 10. camera so they kept the body and sensor much the top of the vlogging camera they made sure to include a microphone jack Of course, and a headphone jack.

They kept the swivel out to touch screen which is all perfect for vlogging but you can interchange the lenses and grow camera and it has a lot of useful features. So you know camera quality is super important. And this bad boy films some great quality 4k. So what makes this camera so amazing is they designed, but with the ability to change the lenses. So not only is this an amazing camera for you to take after the bots and capture some amazing footage, but it can be used your main studio camera.

 And you can change lenses with different shots all with this one camera. So I mean the quality is really good. And not only that, you can shoot in slow mo it’s 120 frames per second in full HD. At the end of the day. I love that it has the slomo option, and that is just so good. Now there was one thing this camera can do that is really useful, you name it, especially if you want to step up your game. And that feature is USB streaming. So if you hit the menu section under movie one, you’ll see this option that says USB streaming, and if you select that a USB C cable from your camera to your computer, the USB C Port is just on the left there right at the top.

 So you grab your cable, go ahead plug it into your computer first, then plug the USB C side into your camera. And now just like that, the BAM your computer picks up the camera feed automatically without having to use capture cards or even installing software. So if a is a game is or anyone wanting better camera quality on their computer, this feature is vanishing. Then of course this camera can capture some amazing fresh quality pictures all enrolled, it comes to editing your pictures. In my opinion, the Sony is super simple to use and makes taking pictures a breeze. These are just many  quick pics I shut up and about but you can see the quality is amazing. I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have a vlogging style camera.

 That’s where you have the option to change the lenses to best suit the shots you’re trying to get. shot mode where you can just hold down the shutter and grab a bunch of pics with literally no blur. Probably one of the best accessories hands down for the xnb 10 is the super nifty little shooting grip, which is compatible with quite a lot of Sony cameras. This is the type of accessory where you don’t really need it. But you get it, you wonder how you ever lived without it. This is definitely an accessory mortality, that vlogging style again, because it really suits that grab and go style with all these functions right at your fingertips. What’s nice is the shooting group is super simple to pair with is at V 10. the bottom of the camera. Within settings make sure it’s paired Bluetooth. And that is it. You can now use the shooting grip to start.

 It has this super nifty button on the left hand side where if you just press it in, you can completely change the angle and another button that allows you to swivel the camera around on the shooting grip. And then if you want to place it down, you can just open up the legs and it is a mini tripod. This is by far one of the talented feature-packed accessories you could possibly get for your Sony camera and ultimately the perfect match to the Zed v 10 when it comes to having a content creation rig.

Now while this feature is not new, it is definitely one you should know about. And it’s something I personally love to use. And that is the shooting app. So you connect your phone just by scanning the QR code on your camera, you can then see everything your camera sees your smartphone. What’s nice is you can change all the settings of the camera right on your smartphone. And you can imagine this is super useful, especially when filming by yourself. So you can the ISO, the exposure and even click the Record button or if you want to change modes.

 So if it decides you’re not into filming a video and would rather take a photo go into Picture Mode. And that’s it. All of this is done without physically having to touch your camera. Then you have got your shots or footage, you can even import that directly onto your phone just by hitting to the input section, selecting your footage and downloading that straight to your device. So talk about quick and convenient content creation. Okay, another really useful function on this camera is you can keep it focused on your eyes using autofocus. And something I don’t think I can live without now. So under the functions menu, what you can do is head on over to focus mode and select continuous autofocus. Once done, you’ll notice the small little box on the screen that tracks the eyes.

 This makes sure your subject or face is always in focus and is again an amazing feature to have for vlogging. Or if shooting by yourself. This camera has object tracking, where if you just tap on the object you want to track, you can see, this box then tracks the object. And both these tracking modes are Good. Now a nifty feature of the Zed v 10 is the product showcase, it is activated just by pressing this button right over here on the camera. And what this feature does when it’s turned on is if you have a product in your hand, it automatically focuses on that product and it stops focusing on your eyes and face.

 So this is of course a super useful feature, especially when chatting about products like this in a video. And of course the minute you turn it off, it’ll focus back on your eyes and face and the product will go back to being out of focus. Typically mirrorless cameras or DSLRs can be quite heavy, but this one only weighs in at roughly 350 grams. And what’s really important with cameras your arms don’t feel like they’re going to break off. So to give you guys a good idea of the size comparison here and Sony acmc. As you can see in terms of size, it fits perfectly in between both these models, and again just shows the merge between vlogging and a professional camera all in the Zed v 10. It has great battery life where I use it for an entire day, put it through its paces and still had battery left over.

 As you can see it is not too big and not too small. So the Zippy 10 has bought over a feature from the Zed v one and that is background defocus. This feature is activated by pushing this button. And what happens is when you’re in front of the camera and notice your background may be a little bit blurry all you do is hit that button turn on the feature. But now your background is completely in focus and you no longer have a blurred background. This feature is so nice for outdoor landscapes. Then on to some other really cool features and under the function menu, you can activate a soft skin effect you have three different levels to choose from low, medium and high.

And you can use the soft skin filter with many modes or even with stabilization on then something I love that they did is when hitting the record button, the screen that lets you know you’re busy recording you do get two different Steady basically stabilization moves to choose. And here’s an example of Mike skating on a really bumpy road and you can see, it makes a pretty big difference.

To that hot shoe mount right at the top of the camera or attached a Sony wireless microphone kit. If that is something you’ve got. It’s simple sliding it in place and you’re good to go. So guys, if you’ve ever wanted to do content creation, definitely think a bad boy. And let me know down in the comment section.

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