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Information About Top iOS 15 Features Review

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Hey And yes, iOS 15 is here. And you just have to check out some of these crazy cool features. Like notes. If you’re not clicked on, you’ll see this option that says text from camera. If you click on that, right at the bottom, you’ll see the camera now open. And if you bring in object or anything with text for that matter, it’ll automatically pick up that text in notes so that you don’t have to, it’s kind of crazy just how many fonts and tick sizes it can pick up and how pretty accurate it is on that notes of picking up text.

 If you now open pictures in iOS 15 and double tap on text the photo , it will automatically select it and you can choose to move the cursor and select even more text, then you can just copy it and paste it just about anywhere. If you see this icon a photo tap on it, again, it will automatically highlight all the text it has detected. And you can then go ahead select text it is you want from photo. And again, open up notes and paste the noun in Hi, I must admit I love these features.

 They are just so cool. Oh, and by the way, stay until the end because I have some new iPhone wallpapers to give away to you guys. Now let’s chat about widgets because they are some seriously nifty new ones. If I scroll down, there is now a new context widgets where you can choose from having a small single contact or multiple ones. If you click and hold down on it, you’ll be able to edit the widgets and choose what contact you want to have, then this is where it gets super useful. If you ever click on that contact widget, it’ll display pictures of you with that contact messages, emails, missed calls. And you can quickly dial them and other great widget that’s been added to the mix is fine by you can choose from tracking people items not is added to your home screen.

 If you click and hold down, you can edit the widget and decide the item it is you’d like to track. And if at Point, you want to open up a big map, just tap on it and you’re good to go. You can not add a mailbox widgets in Case you want to keep your eye on things a sleep tracking widget which of course keeps you up to date with how many hours of sleep you got. I am so pumped with these new widgets. Okay, now even though we could do this on an Android phone years ago, only now it’s new to iPhone, but it is still pretty nifty. And that is rearranging all your home screens.

So if it into jiggle mode and access all your screens, you can now click drag and drop them in order. Aside from that, you can not completely remove homescreen. If you tap that little minus icon in the top left hand corner, this pop up information will appear you can just click Remove and like that things are a little more organized, and you have one less homescreen. It’s kind of crazy that early. Now this feature is available on iPhone, but I’m glad it is finally here. Now here we have focus modes. And these are brand new to iOS 15. They’re found in the control middle. And these are literally modes to help you focus filter notifications and stop from distractions. Aside from the pre made ones that are already there. If you hit into settings under focus, you can create.

 So you click that plus icon, you select Custom. And I decided to make one for gym. From there you have some of these colors to choose from many different icons, then here’s where you choose what contexts you don’t mind getting notifications from when this focus mode is on information from certain apps. But then the really cool part that I enjoy is that is all set up, you can choose a custom homescreen. For this focus mode, you just tap on choose pages, then of course, select the pages you want to appear focus mode is turned on.

So now anytime in future, when you swipe down on the control middle toggle on your gem focus mode, you’ll see the home screen you selected in the customization settings. As you can imagine, there are so many different modes you could create. And this feature is brilliant. Oh, and by the way, if you’re enjoying this video, then hit that subscribe button, because we’re on the road to 1 million that if you solved that would be Wow.

That’s amazing.

Now let’s shut about the find my application because in here, things just keep getting better and better. Because now under items devices, if you swipe up, you’ll see this option that says notify when left behind. If you click on that you’ll have the option to toggle this on. And then of course anytime you walk away from one of items, you will get a information on your phone telling you you’ve left item behind and at what location you left it. As mentioned. This works for just about all other devices it’s the airport Apple Watch Or ear tags. But what’s pretty cool is if you think you’ve lost or misplaced two air pods, you can just click on this play sound button. And instantly your air pods will start making a sound while in the Case, they couldn’t do this before, the lead does have to be open, but still

pretty nifty.

Now for those of you who love using Safari, you are going to love this, the search bar has been moved to the bottom of the page, and just makes so much more sense. Once you ended browsing, the search bar returns back to the bottom, and it still has the same back and forward toggles by clicking on these three little dots. You can quick and easily access all the many Safari settings that have always been then toggling between tabs is much easier now because all you do is swipe right or left on the search box and it switches between all your open tabs, you can click this little tap icon in the bottom right hand corner to open them all up. But if you click on that down arrow, you can then create a new tab group.

This is so very useful because if I ever want to access my shopping tabs, I just click on that tab group, it opens them all up. Or if I want to go back to daily, I can do that too. Also the safari settings, this is super nifty. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see this option that says hide IP address. If you tap on that you can choose trackers and websites. And now none of them will be able to track you or rato. Another cool feature of iOS 15 is the notifications got a redesign and now have a great new look on last versions just to show you guys if you swipe down on the information panel, you’ll notice all the social icons are pretty small. But now on iOS 15. If you take a look at the notifications, the icons are much bigger, it’s so much easier to see what’s going on. And the look and design is just so much more refined. Within settings under the information tab, you can shedule information summaries.

 Once this is toggled on, you can select how many summaries you want to appear, time you want your summaries to appear, you can go ahead and select which apps you want in the summary. And I selected kind of mundane, nonessential apps that send me information the day that I don’t necessarily need to react to. So now all those notifications will be summarized in a little group like this and will appear at specified times I much prefer this and it’s a great new addition. Then, of course, I’ve got to show you this FaceTime that now allows you to create a link that you can share with anyone who has an Android phone for FaceTime or iPhone uses, you know, this is a deal. So you’ve got the link, you share it message, WhatsApp, email, you name it, and anyone who gets that link clicks on it, and it’ll take them to the FaceTime chat.

As you can imagine, this is such an unusual thing for Apple to do, but I am so glad they’ve done it, it just makes staying in contact with friends and family so much easier. So thumbs up to Apple for this one. On top of that, if you’re having a FaceTime call with someone else who has iOS 15, then you have the option to even share your screen, the other caller will be prompted with a little pop up that they can just click on it’ll start displaying your screen. And from there, they can literally see everything that is going on on your screen. So you can listen to music or even watch movies together. And that this is all synced at the same time. Now that’s pretty cool. Within maps, there is a sweet new feature that is only available in most popular cities like San Francisco, but hopefully will expand out pretty soon.

So you zoom into the map towards the right hand side, you’ll see this little 3d icon. And if you click on that, you’ll see this entire map turn into a 3d view, not only can you angle the map for a better 3d view, but you can rotate around and get a really good feel for the city buildings, which is pretty amazing, then this is not new, but still an amazing feature. If you see this flyover option and tap on it, you’ll be taken on a virtual tour of the whole entire San Francisco area, will take you to famous places or show you important landmarks and is possibly the fastest if not the best way to get completely familiar with your surroundings, especially if this is a new city for you.

Then I never imagined that I would get excited for a weather app update. But I’m pretty excited. The weather app not only got a slightly new look, but the metrics are so much easier to view and understand there’s now even a temperature map that shows you more or less what the temperature is like around you the entire world. Just by looking at the map. There’s even one for rain and air quality. So yeah, it’s a pretty sweet new look. But not only that, you can add weather notifications. It’s pretty crazy, but all you do is click on the three little dots in the top right hand corner, select notifications and click Continue. You’ll be asked if we can send you notifications which of course you accept.

 And then all you do is select the areas that you want notifications from and before it starts raining or snowing. It’ll notify you so you can leave prepared. Another feature that is finally here is using Siri. While offline, you can now access Siri asked to set timers or reminders and she can do it without being attached to the internet spotlight can quickly and easily be accessed now by swiping down on the lock screen. Whereas before you had to always unlock your phone first, you get some pretty sweet new search results like pictures, for example, contacts and many of other really useful things.

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