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An Adorable Device Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review

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So I’m pretty excited because one of my favorite products of last year has just had a big upgrade, it is finally arrived. Today we’re gonna be talking about the new Samsung Galaxy Zed flip three, called the three, because the last two versions are the model the 5g. So that makes total sense, right? Sure. If you’ve landed here, because you’re looking for a review of the fold, and I’ve done a review on that, which you can watch here. Anyway, these are just some of my first impressions. So it’s not a full review. But hopefully, it’ll give you guys a pretty good sense of where do you want to buy one of these language so much tech these days, I always think it’s smart to wait a few iterations before technology gets optimized.

The first many  iterations were very cool, but the reality is they had so many niggles and problems, that they weren’t really ready for mainstream adoption. So I suppose the biggest question I have heading into this first impressions video, is this phone, something you should buy today? Let’s find out. Let’s start with the unboxing experience, because the device this expensive should be a pretty big deal. So I’ve got 128 gigabyte version here with eight gigs of RAM, which cost 945 pounds or 999 dollars. It comes in a 256 gigabyte option before, the listening 128 gigabyte option has helped you reduce the base starting price Versus the last flip, which is great.

So let’s open this box up, which is a little straightforward to last time. And we’ll put the phone to one side for a minute just to quickly see what else we have in here. So, we have the instructions, we have the USB C power cable. But interestingly, again, no power adapter this time from Samsung. So let’s bring the phone back in and just have a look at this for a moment. This is the matte black version, or what Samsung called Phantom black. I think it looks so stealth is interesting how they will come unfolded, I guess that’s to protect the screen rather than having them stuck in storage for ages. And design is pretty similar to the last version. But with some obvious design improvements. Firstly, seems like the bezel on this model are a bit slimmer, the rich in the screen. Also, it’s ever slightly less prominent , which is still one of my big dislikes of this phone.

 And the sides are a lot more flat as in the previous model, which I’d much prefer. And of course, we have that new front screen, which I’m glad they’re not making too big. We’ve got a new hinge which feels pretty sturdy. But let’s talk about that in a minute. And when you open it just looks and feels like a regular smartphone, basically the regular candy bar style. Overall, though. And I’m a big fan of the end looks great. And the design just looks so slick, and I really like it. So let’s talk about some of the key updates then Firstly, we’ve got pretty much the same form factor slimmer bezels. And an overall more compact design john loving already, I think this is something we’re just going to continue to see improving we get more of these, which is great.

 The first thing we should cover though, is what makes this phone unique, which is the hinge. Samsung has reworked the hinge for this new flip, which they’re calling armor frame. I’m not entirely sure what that means, other than to say the hinge does feel sturdier than the last flip, and feels like he could stay in more positions. Obviously over time, this hinge will weaken. So you want to start with a super stiff hinge to begin with. One of the big benefits of this new hinge is that for the first time, we now have water resistance on the flip. With the institution of an IPTV rating, sound saying stating this is IP x eight, which means it can stop in freshwater for more than an hour without being damaged.

 One of the important things to mention about this though, is that the x means dust resistance has not been tested, this means that there’s going to be a dust protection in the last clip, there is not going to be good resistance dust. It’s worth remembering though the more mainstream phones have had high IPv ratings for some time now. So, is catch up for the flip. Now this is one of the big downsides of owning a folding phone which you just have to accept for now.

 And suddenly, I’m sure again will improve in future models. This is one of the trade offs to having a folding glass screen. Which leads us nicely to the next big improvement the flip, which is the display. We now have a brand new glass material which stronger and more scratch resistant, Samsung reckoned it’s now 80% more durable and flexible than the last flip. Given the redesign hinge and improved display material to its predecessor, these are the two components of a foldable phone.

So it seems Samsung is aiming for an overall more durable device. So one of the big updates the flip is the larger front screen. The old 1.1 inch front display designed to show notifications and function a viewfinder has now were replaced by a larger a 1.9 inch display. What I like about this, though, is that it’s not too large, the outside screen on the original flip, and the flip 5g was tiny, relegating notifications and the clock to the corner of the phones cover. One of the things that makes this flip phone great from my perspective is the ability to fold your phone and not be bombarded with distracting notifications with your phone on the table. The tiny screen on the old flip did have some limitations though. For example, if I ask Google Assistant, something wouldn’t work without me opening the screen.

And that’s now been changed this new model. The Next Generation seems to make it easier for those trying to see their notifications, or take selfies with the main cameras. So from these updates, there’s many less significant things to mention. The flip now has dual speakers, which is a really nice improvement, nowhere near the quality, some other flagship devices. There’s a larger battery in this latest lip, which is great, especially I noticed the last lip battery wasn’t really standing up compared to other flagship devices. And the same can be said for the new processor.

And it’s definitely remarkable when you’re scrolling and flicking through certain apps, especially things that YouTube if you’re an S Pen fan, and I’m sorry to say flip does not appear to support S Pen compatibility, unlike the fold, which I’ll talk about in my fold review. But honestly, why would you want a stylus with a mobile seriously just buy a tablet. And finally, the most disappointing feature of the old phone is unfortunately still the worst aspect which is the camera while the front camera works with 10 megapixels and the 2 rear cameras have a resolution of 12 megapixels. The overall quality of cameras compared some other phones are just not good. Unfortunately, a device this expensive, you expect a better camera is not bad, just not great thinking the price.

 So in summary, guys, my first impressions of the new fold are really, really positive. To a regular phone in terms of weight, size, usability, and price is still a big commitment. But it’s nice to see the phone’s features and capabilities more in line with other flagship devices. But with the added benefit of being foldable touchscreen phone, which is such a great feature for portability reasons, being able to switch off a little bit from your phone and making you think twice about picking up when you do get a information Flexi on the price. He originally said that was priced at 1300 pounds or 14 $100. While a 5g version, sorry, 99 pound increase. So that 990 $9 this model is a meaningful enough price cut for me to start recommending this phone a daily device in ours to the title of this video, then the answer is a pretty unanimous Yes, for me, it probably won’t last other phones.

 But this isn’t really a phone you’re buying for durability, you’re buying it because it’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible right now on a mobile device. And for that you’ve got to love it. I really think this is an impressive piece of kit is really thoughtfully made. And if you are an Android user and haven’t used one before, I’d really recommend giving it a go because you be surprised how ironically to increase your focus for our productivity perspective.

 I’m keen to hear what you guys think so let me know you’re thinking of getting one in the comments below, as features you like or don’t like. Anyway, if you haven’t already. And remember to check out the full review shall link to again in the description. Hope you enjoyed the article. I’ll see you guys next time.

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