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My Personal Experiance About Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review

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Today we’re going to be talking about the new Samsung Galaxy fold three, the device with a starting price of $1,800. If you’ve learned here because you’re looking for a review of the new flip three, and I’ve done a video on that, which you can check out here, but in this article, we’re going to be focusing on the fold. These are just my first impressions. So it’s not a full review. But hopefully it will give you guys a pretty good sense of you want to get one of these. So I put the 256 gigabyte version here with 12 gigabytes of RAM, which starts at 1600 pounds, or 18 $100. But it does come in a half a terabyte option. So let’s open this bad boy up, which let’s be honest, is what you’re all here for.

 It’s interesting how they all come unfolded in the Case, I guess that’s just to protect the screen rather than having him stuck in storage for ages folded. this is a matte black version, or what Samsung called Phantom black. Now she all of these colors look awesome. So bring the phone to one side for a moment. Obviously, we have the instructions, you have a USB C power cable. But interestingly, no power adapter this time from Samsung, which to be honest, I don’t think is great for a phone this expensive. But I do understand for sustainability reasons, it’s a good thing. So bringing the phone back in, let’s just take the plastic off.

So this does seem very similar to the last phone if I’m honest, there’s many things that are new and worth mentioning. So let’s go through those. First of all, starting with the design looks like the fold is no more angular last . Much like the flip the rounded corners seem to have been ditched in favor of the flat corner, which just seems to be a more modern design. The phone is two millimeters thinner than the last generation, and overall just a little bit more compact. Where you probably will notice though is that the hinge doesn’t seem to stick out, which is a really nice touch. Overall, the design seems a little more refined and subtle, something you’d expect from the third iteration of this model.

It feels made and a fair amount more stiff. Samsung, we’re now calling this armor frame job resume means it’s now way more durable, and it definitely still has the satisfying click new clothes the display does the outside of the phone, we have a new camera bump design on the back. And on the front, we now have an improved larger front display, which apparently is now made from Gorilla Glass victus. The strongest glass used in smartphones at present. It’s now 120 hertz, which is just going to bring the snappiness of the display in line with the large inner display.

 When it comes to the display, let’s go there next. This is an area where Samsung have made meaningful improvements. We now have a brand new glass material which is stronger and more scratch resistant. The same material is featured on the flip and is supposed to be 80% more flexible and durable than the last model. It does still have a non removable plastic screen protector though. So you’ll need to be careful with that it covers a layer of very fragile, ultra thin glass. And then there’s the crease which is still visible. And for me, it’s way more visually distracting on the fold with a vertical crease Versus on the flip where you have a horizontal crease which I hardly ever notice.

 The other thing to mention in relation to the screen is the introduction of the S Pen support for the fold. fact implies to me that screen has become a lot more durable. Although the big caveat that a special S Pen is required. mentioned your province by the Case if you want to carry the pen around with you, although this did come free part of my preorder. In an ideal world, I can see how people who love nature like this. from reality. I really don’t think a stylus is optimal with a smartphone. It’s just never going to be accurate your fingers and we already have to tablets for artists, designers and illustrators. But for people who are panicking about Samsung discontinuing the note, then this be exciting for you.

Apart from the massive price difference, one of the things that’s going to prevent the fold from being used, like the note is its ability to stand up to the elements over time, its longevity. So it’s great that the fold is now getting closer to some of the key flagship devices in this respect, with a new IPv rating. More specifically, Samsung stating this is IP x eight, meaning the phone will have a degree of water resistance if submerged for very short periods, but will have a very limited resistance to dust. So whilst This is impressive, and a big step forward on last folds, had problems with small grains of dust causing failures. The Long story short is that this phone isn’t really suited to being a daily workhorse, it’s more show than go when it comes to long term usability.

The final thing to mention about the in screen is a feature which seems to be getting a lot of hype. And that’s the new under display camera, basically a hexagon shaped pixelated area in an attempt to try to conceal the camera. Now, while I’m sure this technology will play a big part in future phones, now is just a gimmick. The photo quality from this camera is not good. And it just seems that you’re looking through fuzzy glass, there’s an algorithm working in the background to try and deform the photo after you’ve taken it to compensate for this. As bad this camera is though, it’s worth remembering. This is the backup selfie camera. The first selfie camera on the front is still a normal hole punch camera and the quality is nice.

But if you really want a high quality selfie, you can just unfold the phone and use the front viewfinder. So basically is not really a problem. And I guess the Point is that it’s cool because Samsung is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, but without compromising the overall phone experience. Apart from that, there’s not many other updates to talk about, apart from some slightly improved triple cameras at the back. But for those looking for dramatic changes in the new fold three, you be disappointed. The core design is very similar with some new hardware improvements, a few core software improvements, including being able to create a fixed dock, and improved multitasking.

So in summary, guys, ultimately, this is a phone that’s targeted at enthusiasts and not really everyday users. Dating $100 is way too expensive for the large majority of people for what it is. And for that reason, I just can’t recommend this phone to you. It’s more expensive than most laptops, which is insane you think about it. I said at the beginning that the question I was hoping to answer with this review is the new fold is worth buying. And my answer based on my thoughts is no. There’s just far too many compromises for the price. And like the last four models, we know there’s to be durability issues over time.

What I can do, though, is recommend to you the flip, if you haven’t watched my review of the new flip phone and definitely go and check that out. As I have a completely different perspective on that phone. Spoiler alert. It’s awesome. And I’ll link to that in the description. That being said, I am keen to hear what you guys think. So let me know what you think in the comments below and you’re going to get one of these. I really hope you enjoyed the article. I’ll see you guys next time.

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