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My Friend’s Gift iPad Pro Accessories Review

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My Friend’s Gift iPad Pro Accessories Review

Hey guys,If you’ve seen some of my other videos, you’ll know that I use my iPad almost every day, and I love it. But if you’re anything like me to really get the most out of the iPad, you’re going to need a few accessories to help make the experience a little bit better. Today, I wanted to do a quick video for you guys, on my opinion of the best iPad Pro accessories in 2021. So you’re looking to buy gifts, someone or just looking for yourself, and hopefully these things will be useful for you. So the iPad has one of the sleekest designs out there, the downside is that it can be quite vulnerable to dents and scratches, if you don’t take care of it. Combine this with the need for a keyboard and a stand.

 And this is where Apple’s keyboard folio comes in, around $200. It’s definitely not the cheapest keyboard Case or stand that you can buy for the iPad. The typing experience is great, it’s very water resistant, and it doesn’t intrude on the design of the iPad itself. I’ve done a full review video on this keyboard comparing it to the Logitech keyboard. But in summary, in my opinion, this is by far the best keyboard option to go for. So the next thing you’re going to need is a digital pencil. Again at around $100. You might be wondering it is worth getting the Apple Pencil. So if you’re only going to use the pencil every now and again, don’t really consider you need one.

If you are going to use one though, and then I’d recommend getting one of these Apple Pencil silicon sleeves to protect your pencil. I went for this to back from our house style, which comes in multiple colors. But I chose the black and white option, which I’ll link to in the description below. What’s really nice about this is it just slides over your pencil and give you some added grip when you’re drawing some protection for the pencil itself when you’re traveling. So it will magnetically snapped the iPad and charge your pencil, which you can see here. So this is one of the cheapest accessories on here and worth it in my opinion. Just be careful which one you buy those not all of these silicon sleeves will support charging through the sleeve if they’re too thick.

 My next most use accessory for the iPad has to be my airport spray. One of the great things about the iPad is its portability, which means when the world opens back up again, you’re definitely gonna want to take this traveling with you. So you can watch videos or work while you’re traveling. But the airport’s Pro, the perfect headphones for shorter trips, or if you just want to take conference calls or listen to podcasts in the house. I keep mine in this black protective silicon Case from native union, which just gives a Case and added protection. That means I can just sling them in the top of my backpack and know that they’re not going to be scratched by my keys or anything else.

If like me, you’ve got the wireless charging Case with your air pods, and this Case will still allow you to charge in the silicon, which is a really nice touch. airports are so small and so useful. I pretty much take them with me everywhere. They’re just so tiny. I definitely use them every day around the house for listening to podcast. And the battery life is just amazing. So if you don’t have some already, and definitely go and get some. If you’ve already got some airport Pro, and you’re looking to level up your headphone game a bit more, look no further than the Bose quietcomfort over ear headphones, for longer journeys.

And for something a bit more heavy duty, I’d always bring these with me and these are the headphones I used my video editing test the sound quality. They come in this really nice travel Case as well She don’t need to be worried about them getting damaged in your rucksack. And the Case has multiple pockets which I find really useful for carrying spare cables, and noise cancelling and sound quality these headphones is second to none. And I’ve used them on long haul flights before and you honestly can’t hear anything. They’re really comfortable and adjust multiple head sizes. So definitely go and check them out if you’re looking for some seriously high quality headphones at a reasonable price.

So next up let’s talk about cables. Wherever you’re going with the iPad, you’re going to need a nice cable for these long cables from native union and my cables of choice. This one is USB C to USB C so it’s designed for the iPad. And speaking, I always have one of these with me wherever I am going. I have one my iPhone. Having long cables is a trap Hack I picked up a while ago. you won’t regret it you get used to them. Don’t underestimate having one long cable with you if you get stuck in an airport or hotel room, or even in your own home when plug sockets can sometimes be a little bit out of reach.

And I use the iPad 20 watt charging brick with it. It’s just super sleek, super compact. And I love how the power pegs just fold way into the body of the plug when you’re not using it. And then just spring back up at the flick of a finger. Having a spring-loaded plug like that is really cool. So this is the charger I carry around with me for the iPad, and use it with the charging cable, which is a data cable. So with the iPad being USBC, you’re going to need a cable to adapt it to HDMI. Now this is something you not think you need. But I love USBC, we’re still very much in the HDMI world when it comes to TVs.

So if you want to quickly hook up your iPad to a TV or a screen, then this little adapter really comes in handy. And this one I have here is super cheap. So it’s great if you’re on a budget. I’ve had it many years now. And it’s lasted. So I’ll link to it in the description below. But to be honest, if you’re willing to spend a bit more money than this isn’t what I’d recommend getting. Instead, I’d get one of these. And I’ve spoken about these before in my favorite Tech Under $100 video, which I’ll link here.

 But basically these things are great a USBC multi-adapter hub, you can see here, so USBC on one end, and then it has seven ports that you can connect things to this thing has one 4k HDMI output, two USB a ports, the USB C charging Port, annoyingly only supports power input and not data, to SD card slots, one micro nice support high speed two cards. But to be honest, the coolest part of this hub, unlike most other USBC hubs is featured Gigabit Ethernet. So you can connect up the iPad directly to a LAN cable to get superfast speeds. Because you haven’t seen my video on upgrading my internet to gigabit internet. And I’ll link to it here if you want to go and check that out. So to get all of this in such a slim form factor is pretty amazing.

And I think especially for the iPad, being able to carry something so small around with you when you travel is pretty cool. Speaking of Ethernet cables, if you have fast internet, and you’re going to need a nice Ethernet cable to go with it. And if you find yourself getting lost in a world of options of which cable to get, then this is the one I’d recommend. It’s an ultra high speed LAN cable. And basically it’s Category A which means it’s good the speeds up to 40 gigabytes per second. So plenty fast enough to handle most people’s internet relationships. What I really like about this cable in particular, though, it’s braided fabric design, which makes it really heavy duty. And it’s got these really cool quick release clips. You can see here, if you’ve ever tried to get out of LAN cable before from the back of a router, you know that sometimes it can be really painful.

So that’s a really nice design feature for this cable. So what’s great is that you can plug this into the end of the USBC hub. And then it’s just a really easy quick release mechanism, which is great if you’re going to be constantly plugging and unplugging this cable. And when you’re moving around, you can get these cables in different lengths, so I’ve got quite a long one here, but you can buy them shorter than this. So I’ll link to this below. Definitely go and grab one of these if you’re looking for a nice LAN cable. Next up, we have the Vanier card reader. So if you’re looking for an SD card reader, and this ultra small Portable USB and USB C one from Vanya is definitely the way to go. So on one side, you have the regular SD card slot. And on the other side, it’s got a micro SD card slot.

So if we just open this up, you can see the USB C on one side. And this according to Amazon is Thunderbolt three compatible. Just make sure you select the right option for that when you’re ordering is is not particularly clear. And the other side, which I never use to be honest, it’s just the regular USB plug. So if you find yourself somewhere, we need to go back to regular USB, then there is at least an option for that. So that’s pretty cool. Definitely go and grab one of these if that’s what you want. If you’re working a lot from your iPad, then you’re going to want a proper mouse to use it with. I’ve mentioned this mouse so many times before, and I’m not going to cover it in loads of detail. But you guys probably know, my mouse of choice at the moment is the MX Master three from Logitech.

What I am gonna say though, is that this is hands down the best mouse in the world right now. Awesome for productivity, super customizable, works across multiple devices. And no, I’m not being paid by Logitech to say this. I just think it’s such a cool product, it’s probably the best product of 2020 in my opinion, to go and check it out. So if you’ve got an iPad, odds are you’re going to want to play some games on it from time to time. And the PS five jewel sense is my controller of choice. Ever since the PS five came out, I’ve been waiting for the iPad to support the new PS five controller and in the latest iOS beater. You can now finally Connect PS five controllers to the iPad, which is awesome.

I’ve already done a video on the PS five controller so go and check that out. If you Want more details, but I just love the design of it is so slick, so clean and just fits in the hands so nicely. So now if you’re traveling and want to do some gaming the iPad and this is the controller of choice. So the final accessory I wanted to cover with you guys is a charging brick, really, in my opinion, especially when you’re doing longer traveling is having sort of power brick or Portable charger with you, in cases not a plug socket in reach.

 I’ve been using this one from anchor for a few years now. And I’ve been really impressed with it. You can easily get three to four iPad charges out of it, and you can charge anything like your phone, MacBook camera, headphones or anything really this thing has been an absolute lifesaver for me in the past. This is definitely one of my necessary items. So guys, that’s it for this article. Let me know if there’s anything you really liked, or there’s something you guys use that I don’t I’d really like to hear you guys are enjoying these article, and what other articleyou’d like me to do. So let me know in the comments below.

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