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My WiFi FASTER Setup Review

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So for a few months now I’ve been thinking about massively upgrading my internet connection, my old internet speeds were great. And the TP link Wi Fi system last had just kept dropping out in certain areas of the house, which was just really annoying. It was just best to start from scratch. So a few days ago, I got gigabit internet installed. gigabit internet basically just means that you can achieve download speeds 1000 megabytes per second. Now let’s put that in perspective, my current download speed on my home broadband is about 12 to 14 megabytes per second. Now , with those kind of download speeds, you’re going to need a Wi Fi mesh system that can cope with gigabit internet.

 So what I’ve got here is the amplifi alien router and mesh Point, let’s have a look at the router first, which is this one on the left. So it is lightweight. And one of the reasons I went to the fight alien system is that the design is just so clean and minimalist. unlike some of the other routers out there, which look more like drones to be honest with all the antennas poking out of them. And then the mesh Point is a very similar design, it’s a very similar way. I just like how they look the same and the design is pretty consistent. So let’s go ahead and open up the router now.

That plastic just coming off sound, it’s a nice bit of ASMR for you there. And I really like the matte black endon this. So on the back, you’ve got the Ethernet ports, each of which will support Gigabit Ethernet output. And on the bottom, you have the power supply, , and the gigabit internet input, that just plugs into your regular router. A nice, there’s an LED indicator on there to let you know that it’s working. And it seems to be picking up a few finger marks originally, but I think they’ll probably just fade in a second. Talking about LEDs is a LED light around the bottom that the router, which lights up in green.

See, I’m really happy with that really like it. And this is something you place somewhere else in your house and the router just connects to it and basically just expands the signal. So if you’ve got a big house, that’s going to be really helpful for you, there’s an Ethernet Port on the bottom of this one. If you want to plug something in the mesh Point has an LED light on the bottom. I’ll probably end up turning these off. So there’s a touch display on the front of the router, which is really cool. Not something that many others have. Overall, they look great, really clean, simple design. And I’m really happy with them. So let’s have a look at what else is in the box here.

So first up, we got some quick starter guides, which looks super simple. She can see here, there’s a QR code that you can scan to get going or just download the app. So I’ve already downloaded the app. And it’s really good. It’s one of the main reasons I got this. So I’ll show you that in a moment. It’s just a quick start guide for the mesh Point here, which looks like it’s just plug and play To be honest, really simple four step process. And then , there’s the router setup guide, which again, looks honest. So apart from that, at the bottom of the box, we’ve got the ethernet cable itself, which by the way looks really slick.

It’s been made flat so it takes up less space, which is a really nice touch really like that. And there’s a little side Point here I just wanted to mention, I love these little Velcro cable ties you can get in packaging like this. So I always get to keep these around and not throw them away. Just get them in your toolbox. They’re going to be really useful at some Point for you to tidy up other cables. I just like to keep them anyway maybe that’s just me. Anyway, back See the actual video apart from the Ethernet Port on the bottom of this plastic tray, we get two power cables, one for each, the routers. Now one thing to mention here, which you have already noticed, these are European plugs.

So if you’re in Europe, that’s great. And if you’re in the US or Canada, then you just give the North American plug. But if you’re in the UK, not so much, unfortunately, for reason, amplify have just not started including UK plugs in their kit, which is a little annoying. So I really hope this is something they can fix soon, because I really like this stuff. I basically just had to order many power cables from Amazon, which were about six pounds each about $7. So I’ll link to those in description below for you guys if you want to get the setup. So let’s get the router plugged in and everything set up. The first thing to say is it looks really cool, very simple and futuristic.

 I’m not sure how I feel about the green LED at the bottom, which I mentioned earlier. So I’ll probably just turn that off eventually, it’s a shame, no way you can’t customize the colors of the system is green isn’t really my style. But anyway, doesn’t matter. The other thing to mention is that the touchscreen on the front is really helpful. It displays the key info, you want to see like the current upload speed and download speeds, the Wi Fi connection strength across the home, and the devices that are connected. The setup app is really easy to use and helpful. I mentioned that again earlier just walks you through the process and helps you get sorted. After you’ve got attached, the phone will just ask you to turn on Bluetooth to connect to the router.

Then once it is attached, you can name your Wi Fi network, give it a password. So let’s just use baby odor the password, why not. So that’s all plugged in, you’ll be taken through to the main app, which is super easy to use. the overall setup is really fast, the LED at the bottom basically just flashes until it’s established a connection and then you need to go and do a quick firmware update. So I just thought I’d do a quick speed test at the router to show you guys what kind of speeds we’re getting before I connect the gigabit internet. So that’s the setup. Now let’s connect the mesh system which I’m just going to put upstairs in the house. And the app is really useful because it tells you if the mesh Point is too close or too far away from the router.

So you can find the perfect boost Point. So now that’s in and working, I’m just going to do another speed test. Now you can see, it’s the same. Basically, my internet is so slow, there’s no Wi Fi lag anyway, just to put it into perspective, let’s come off the Wi Fi so I can show you guys how quick my 4g mobile connection is. And look at that, it’s pretty much double the speed. So anyway, let’s connect up the gigabit internet now and see how that changes things. To now that is attached to another speed test here, the router and wow, pretty dramatic difference. So we’re getting almost 500 down, which is pretty impressive. Let’s just check the upload speed. And that’s about 100 up.

So 500 down 100 up, I’m really chuffed with that.  And the upload speed, especially for me is pretty important given I’m uploading 4k videos to YouTube every week. So let’s just check the speed test in the bedroom, which will be connecting to the Wi Fi Point. And so again here, that’s pretty impressive. Obviously, it’s not quite strong by the router, but still very good. So this mesh system is so fast, because it’s Wi Fi six ready, which basically means it’s going to be good for speeds up to about four gigabytes per second. When internet eventually gets there. It’s dual band Wi Fi six means a range coverage, better signal strength, and coax with multiple devices more easily due to its larger bandwidth. So if you’re in a house like mine, we’ve got loads of devices connecting and competing for the same internet connection and trying to stream 4k video content.

 And this is definitely what you want in the future. So guys, that’s pretty much it for this video, I’m really happy with the new Wi Fi system, I still think I need to optimize it a bit better the speeds should be a little faster than what they are. But coming from 12 megabytes per second to three to 400 megabytes per second is pretty awesome. I think it’s probably something to do with the number of devices I’ve got attached in this room. And there’s already about seven devices in here, which will create a lot of interference.

So I sought that out soon. Obviously you’re never gonna get the full one gigabytes per second without an ethernet cable, which is how we usually collect my laptop anyway. But to be honest, getting speeds of three to 400 down over Wi Fi is plenty for most people. And definitely for my needs. The thing the easiest the setup process, the amphlett alien, make it a great option, and I love the design is a really great option if you’ve got a large house. Anyway guys, let me know what you think in the comments below. I’d love to know what kind of speed you guys are getting around the world. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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