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Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to the channel. Today, I’m going to do a really simple article for you guys showing you how to draw handwritten text on your YouTube videos. This is by popular demand. So I really hope you like it. So guys, the first thing you’ll need part of this video is an iPad. And , if possible an Apple Pencil. You’ll need the app procreate, which is our first step in this process. So if we fire up procreate, and I’m going to set it up to a 4k spec. So if your videos are in 4k, that’s quite an important selection. Now just get down to the colors. And remember to select a true black here.

 So really check and make sure it’s a true black, and then drag it onto the canvas to basically make your canvas completely black, then you want to select your writing tool. Now here, there’s lots of different options, I usually just go into inking and select one of the inking options. So I usually select the studio pen, because I just like the way it looks. And then you’ve done that, just remember to select white your color. And just double check that it is true white. So you’ve done that, I usually just draw a line just to check the stiffness the weight and the pressure of how the line is coming out. And you’ve got something you’re happy with, then you’re going to be able to start drawing your text.

So let’s just start by writing something simple here. I’m not going to take you guys all the way through this, I’m going to skip this, you know how to write, he’ll already have your sentences in mind. So we’ll just fast forward this aspect. The one thing I would say here is just make sure your pressure is pretty thick. otherwise, they won’t show up when you add them to your video. So guys, let’s just do another quick example here, just to make sure we’re all on the same page. So I’m just going to select white in the studio pen here again, and I’m just going to do some more writing here.

The one thing I’d say is to make sure your writing is pretty fluid, what you don’t want to be doing is making too many mistakes or going back, because what you’re doing here is recording a video. So if you make mistakes and go back, if that’s part of your video, that’s fine. But if you want a really clean look, then you just want to make sure that you’re writing in a really fluid way. Otherwise, what you’ll have to do is go back and edit your video and cut out all of the mistakes later, which is just going to save you a lot of time. If you don’t make those mistakes in the first place. Let’s just add many arrows here on this one just because that’s probably something you’re going to be wanting to do part of your videos.

 Okay, guys. So you’ve done that, you’re going to want to go up to the spanner which is basically your actions. Once you’ve selected video, go down to export time lapse video. So just go ahead and select Full length you export it. Once you’ve done that, just drop it to your Mac. And then I’m going to show you how to cut this together in Adobe Premiere. So guys, now that we’ve moved over to the Mac, I’ve just fired up Premiere Pro here. And whilst I use Adobe Premiere, you can use pretty video editing software to do this, provided it’s got a similar capability. So I’ve just gone ahead.

And the one thing to say is make sure. Because speaking, the quality and the format of your video. So if you start with a screen grab or a screen recording, that’s going to set the tone for the quality of your video. So you’d have to go into the settings to manually change that back to a higher quality. So I always make sure I start with the video itself. So you’ve done that, I’m just going to copy the video many times, so we’ve got it on a reel. So I’ve just got four video clips here that we can then use that what I’m going to do is just find the video recording that I took on procreate earlier and airdrop to the map. Now you can see, when you bring this in, it’s not quite in the right format.

And part of the video, the beginning, which basically we’re going to need to have to cut out. So I’m just going to move it here and make sure it’s right at the Point where we can cut out that beginning bit. And then I’m just going to go ahead and crop it. But basically what that leaves us with is the end of the video, which is the big one. Now I’m just going to move that to the left hand side. And then what we’ll need to do is scale this video up. So what you need to do is right click on the video and Now is basically the same size the video. And because we already did this in 4k on procreate is going to be a really good quality when we overlay.

Now in the effects control, basically just click on the effects panel at the top of the screen and then over On the left hand side here, you’ll have a bunch of options. What we’re interested in is where. and you’ll see a bunch of different options. Now, I’d recommend you guys have a play around with these in your own time, so you can see what they do. But really, the one I want to bring your focus to is the screen one. So if we go ahead and click on screen mode, basically, what you’ll see is it’s just done the work for us is completely cut out all of the black background, a bit like a green screen is just left us with this really nice cropped text.

So let’s just go ahead and play that forward. And you can see this just happening a bit quickly, the writing feels a bit too fast for the video. So I’m just going to go and right click on. And we’re just going to set it to half speed. So let’s just play that back and see what it looks like. So you can see, now the text is being written at a slightly slower rate, normal and natural. So that was quite an important step. Let’s just do another example of that for you guys quickly. So I’m just going to bring in another video here. Again, I’m just going to start by cropping the video. Let’s set the speed this time first.

So I’m going to set that to half speed, because we know that’s probably a better writing speed. And then we’re going to set the Blend Mode to Screen mode. And then again, I’m doing this one in a slightly different order. But we can scale to frame size to bring that back up. So if we just move that across, and go ahead and play it, you can see what this one looks like. Actually, the speed on this one was still a bit too quick. So I’m going to set that to about 25% speed. Let’s just play that back to see what that looks like. And that looks about right to me. So let’s just drag in our final clip. Just to show you guys a third example just to make sure you’ve got it go ahead and make sure we crop out the first bit of this video first.

So let’s drag that across like that, So we’ve done that. And then we can go into blend mode again. Again, click on the screen. And let’s just change the speed of this. Let’s set this one to about 60%. So it goes. The other thing I just wanted to show you quickly is what we did at the beginning of this video. So I’m just going to delete the underlying video clip from this just to show you a slightly cleaner look and how you can basically write like it looks on a blackboard. So you can see if we just remove the bottom video clip. And what that means is we can then just write the text over the top and it just looks really nice and clean.

 So guys, the other thing I just wanted to Point out, which be a useful tip, you are doing these procreate videos, sometimes towards the end, it tends to end the video clip. So something I do is zoom in to the very end of the clip, myself a section which is usually only one to two frames at the end of the video. And then what we do is we go into speed term to about one or 2%. We add that on to the end.

And what it’s going to do is it’s just going to extend the video for a little bit longer, so we’re not immediately off the clip. It just gives it a much more natural feel. And it’s going to make your article just look that much better. It’s a bit of a faff, it’s a bit of an more step required a little bit of playing around. But you’ve got it, it is going to look a whole lot better.

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