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Some Important Information Of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review

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Yo, what’s going on friends, I got an exciting video planned for you. Today we’re going to be talking about my two week experience with the Galaxy S 10. Plus, wrap up a few things and talk about some stuff that could be positive, could be negative, it’s got its ups, it’s got its downs. It’s like a modern day, so popper, but I gotta say, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives when it comes in his phone.

And I think you’re gonna like it. But before we do that, I got to give a quick shout out to this video sponsor, which is, you guys, I appreciate of the love that you guys have been showing me and my channel, we have tons of positive comments, I just want to say thank you, this be the year that we hit 100,000 it has to be the year it’s got to be the year we’re going to do it this year, the more love that you guys show me the more love that I’ll be able to give back to you the year with giveaways and that kind of thing.

So let’s do this. Let’s make 2019 The year of JC Let’s thing off with the design. I mean, it’s a big leap forward from last iterations. But it’s enough to let you know that you’re holding a new device and it feels amazing. The STM plus is a tall foam I would say on the Snickers bar scale, it’s about one and a half Snickers bars. However, despite ID packing a 6.4 inch display and being roughly about 6.2 inches tall, it’s easily manageable, which comes down to the software and UI which we’ll discuss later.

The phone is very thin light, which you’ll notice instantly, especially if you’re moving from an iPhone 10 tennis or tennis max. This throw some people off and have them think that the build materials are not premium. Having a lighter and thinner foam is good since it makes for great pocket ability. Pocket ability. Is that even a word? If not, we’re going to patent next. You’ll see it next week in the urban dictionary right next to a photo of some jackwagon that’s got skinny jeans on but the skinny jeans are tight.

It is cutting the circulation to his scrotum. He’s never gonna be able to reproduce again. But he was able to put the Galaxy S 10 plus in his back pocket without a combusting. Mic drop. Oh yeah, and before I forget, they did this without removing the headphone jack. I love how all these smartphone manufacturers basically say it’s impossible to make a thin phone without removing the headphone jack and Samsung comes out like oh yeah, hold my beer you impossible burger eaten pansies.

we weren’t already aware of the curved corner, for example, still get in my way and I occasionally get the accidental presses from holding or squeezing the phone too hard while trying to reach across the screen. I could definitely live without the edged screen entirely. Which is why I’m definitely looking forward to my iPhone s 10. My iPhone S 10 II.

The power placement is not the most practical place in the world despite it being better than the note nine in my opinion, since I no longer trigger Bixby when picking up my phone. I feel like the best location for the power button would be where the Bixby button is and then move the Bixby button up to where the power button is, since, they’re never going to get rid of that Bixby button.

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner while at first seem to be slower than what I’m used to has really proven itself and now is pretty dang fast. It does take some time to get used to the place where you need to put your finger and ensuring you’re applying the right amount of pressure each time you use it. But you get it down, it’s pretty legit. The whole bunch notch is something that I still haven’t adapted to, but it’s getting a little bit better.

 16 by nine videos are fine but have large black bars on the top and bottom. But if you punch in, things get a little weird since now you have a pill cut out in the video content 18 by nine videos are almost perfect but cut through half of the cut out which is still weird, but it’s the least rude notch on a phone I feel outside of the single hole punch notch and it’s getting more tolerable with time. This leads me to the display which is basically a no compromise absolute gorgeous display.

It’s HDR 10 compliant, which means you get an incredible range with vivid colors. I could watch videos and play games on this all day long. Viewing angles are good though there is some color shift. But that’s to be expected with an OLED displays. It’s super bright. So day visibility is an problem and has impossible sharpness. One UI has simplified the display modes down to two, which I found pretty interesting. Now let’s talk about the performance.

the hardware is going to be very boss because Samsung has never been afraid to put the latest hardware into their flagships and the Galaxy S 10 Plus is no exception. I think the real stars of the show here is a the optimization and B one UI one UI is very fast snappy. TouchWiz or even the Samsung experience launcher you can definitely see the progress Samsung has made ever since its last skins and they pretty much have nailed it here. Although I still went ahead and installed Nova with the Google add-on out of sheer habit.

Plus, I think that these two combined with one UI creates a damn near perfect experience. The biggest thing for me with one UI is how easy Samsung has made it to operate your phone with one hand, making this perfect for larger displays. An example of this is pulling down the Quick Toggles and then pulling down again, you can see one UI just brings everything to the middle of the phone. And this is a repetitive trend all across the software experience.

They slimmed a lot of the options in the settings down while bringing in a few new and useful ones like the ability to the transition animations making a seemingly more fluid experience. Also with the addition of the Bixby key remapping. Regardless of its limitations, it’s a big step in the right direction. So thank you, Samsung. Now one thing I’ve noticed is just how cool this phone stays of how hard you use it. I’ve shot hours and hours of video in played games in the phone barely got warm.

And this is all due to the new vapor chamber cooling, which works amazing battery life is stellar. Regardless of what other people have said my experience has been great. This templates easily last me a full day. And this is to be expected thinking it’s got pretty much the same battery size the note nine. And now phone lasted me all day. When you combine one UI software optimization mix with the power management under Snapdragon 855 it just makes sense that you’re going to get better battery life.

I’m still working on numbers, so don’t get too upset with me I want to save some stuff from my full review to get an accurate representation of battery life. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to test out fast wireless charging 2.0. So I’ll save that for my full review. The power share feature is dope without a doubt has been useful on many occasions at the gym where I needed to quickly charge my Galaxy buds to endmy workout. It’s not a feature. I’ve used a ton I am happy it’s there.

Okay, so being that I’ve done several Galaxy S 10 plus camera videos, I can really dive into. So let’s do that. I’m very happy with the images coming off of this phone. People have fussed about the images being too soft but in my testing which you can see my comparisons the images are razor sharp outside of the beauty effect on skintones. The pictures pack many range and the colors are really accurate.

portrait mode has been improved since the note nine since we’re talking about the overall accuracy, especially on the front facing camera given that a does have a dedicated depth sensor now, it’s not a big leap from the note nine in quality with every shot but in some cases you can see there’s definitely improvements, I will have a full note nine and S 10 plus comparison coming soon. The wide angle camera is better than eating a piece of cake in front of your best friend who sleeps put a Twinkie under his pillow but can’t eat anything due to a 48 hour fast for a colonoscopy.

It does have some distortion when taking pictures in portrait. But in landscape with the distortion change setting. on you can give beautiful, sharper images. Oh, regardless of the four gigabyte file limitation, I recently talked about being able to record limitless 4k video is pretty damn awesome. 13 plus minutes of 4k at 60 frames per second prior to the file split or over 20 minutes of 4k 30 frames per second is really nothing to complain about. Let me put it to you this way. Sony’s rx 100, which is a dedicated Point shoot camera has a five minute record limits for 4k. putting that in perspective for you.

 Now, there are a few issues I’ve encountered. So far there are focusing problems the camera app that make you think you’re taking a photo in focus, but after it snaps the photo, you’ll notice that it’s really soft because it went out of focus, the steady shot is limited to 10 at peak, which isn’t really an problem. However, if you use it in anything below good lighting conditions, it’s going to be an apocalyptic disaster, which I advise that you avoid Finally, the noise reduction is very aggressive. I would say that it’s more aggressive than the note nine or even the S nine plus which I don’t really know why. Well there it is friends.

This has been my two week experience with the Galaxy S 10. Plus, it’s mostly positive. There’s a few little negatives but I feel like they can be ironed out with a software update, which is why I’m saving my final verdict for my full review. If you beautiful, kind hearted glowing people don’t want to miss that. So you can stay up to date on Jaycees ultra spicy to offer TV hotness. You guys have questions leave them down below in the comment section.

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