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The Difference Between iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Review

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In this article I show you how to force restart into recovery mode into DFU mode in much more on your iPhone 1111 Pro and 11 Pro max nine to five Mac on YouTube is sponsored by xR shares reboot. Reboot can help you fix sorts of problems with your iPhone and recover your iOS installation to normal without data loss. Hey, thanks for joining me, this is Jeff Benjamin with nine to five Mac and in this video I’m going to show you like I told you how to get into recovery mode, how to get into DFU mode, how to force restart all that jazz. So with the display of your iPhone facing you, on the left side, you’ll see two buttons, you’ll see the volume up button and the volume down button. Familiarize yourself with those two buttons because you’re going to be using them.

This is the side button. And that’s the button you use to invoke Siri. Well, we’re going to use combinations of these buttons in order here in this article. So one of those things is to power off your iPhone 1111 pro 11 Pro Max, and we’re going to use either one of the volume buttons either up or down, it doesn’t matter. And then we’re going to use the side buttons. So you want to press both of those buttons simultaneously hold until you see this screen right here and then release. And now you slide the power off, just like that. Alright, great. So you have the phone off. So now your phone’s booting back up into iOS. And you’re good to go. But just keep in mind that anytime you restart your iPhone or power backup from an off, you will need to put your passcode in before you’re able to use touch ID.

Now here’s where things begin to get interesting how to force restart your iPhone 11. Now, so your iPhones having problems, maybe it won’t respond to your commands, you can force restart your iPhone, I show you how to do so right now using combinations of the volume and side buttons. And you want to continue to hold the side button into your phone restarts, you’re going to see that slide to power off message at the top and then it goes to black. So you see the Apple logo and it comes back up. So it’s really simple, really easy. It’s just memorizing those button combinations. Now if you ever experience an problem where your phone is just really really acting up in, perhaps you need to restore to factory defaults, you can use recovery mode to do that.

 Now to use recovery mode, I’m using a Mac and you will need your iPhone attached to that computer. So I’m connecting using a lightning to USB cable like this. But to put my passcode in there. Alright, so now that you are attached to your computer, you want to perform the following button combination and it’s very similar to force restarting like we just did. So if you’re able to do that, you’re definitely able to do this. It’s going to restart continue holding the side button though. Don’t let that button go. Even when you see the Apple logo, keep holding the side button.

And eventually you’ll see this and now he can release. This is the recovery indicator telling you to connect to your computer. We’re already attached and when you launch iTunes You’re gonna see this right here, there’s a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored. So you can do either one of those depending on your needs. That is how you enter recovery mode with your iPhone 11. Now, if you want to exit recovery mode, it’s easy pie. So let’s do it right now it’s so easy, just press and hold the side button like this. And continue holding until you see the screen go black.

Like that. Now you can release because your iPhone is rebooting, you should see the Apple logo in five, four. There we go. Alright, so now, that is how you exit out of recovery mode. Now we’re going to talk about the most difficult command or button combination finger gymnastics of this entire tutorial, and that is getting into DFU mode. Now chances are you’ll never have to get into DFU mode. But if by some reason you do need to do so, then I’m going to show you how to do so, like I said, just a little bit of finger gymnastics. So let me preview it for you. You want to press volume up and release volume down a release, press and hold the side button. continue holding the side button for 10 seconds the screen go black, and then you want to press and hold the volume down button while simultaneously pressing and holding the side button.

And then after five seconds the labs you want to release the side button but continue holding the volume down button. For 10 more seconds in the screen will go black and stay black. And you’ll get a message on your computer. So let’s try it. Let’s do it. Volume Up, press and release volume down press and release, press and hold the side button to 1003 1004 1000 by 1006 1007 1008 1009 1000. Press and hold the volume down button. Continue to hold the side button. And after five seconds release your finger from the side button. But continue holding the volume down button. And after 10 seconds you can release your finger from the volume down button in this screen should black like this.

This is indicative of DFU mode. But you really know you’re in DFU mode. When you see this message in iTunes. It says iTunes has an iPhone in recovery mode, you must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes and your only option is to perform a restore. So that is DFU mode, you probably won’t need it. But just in Case you do. That’s how you do it. Alright, so now let’s talk about how to exit DFU mode, there was not easy exiting out of recovery mode, which just requires you to press and hold the side button, but it’s not too bad. All you need to do is press and release the volume up, press and release volume. And then press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

 And this will take a few seconds. So just be patient, that old Apple logo will show up here moment now. And it does, you can release that side button. There we go. So we can release. And now our phone is booting back up into iOS. Let’s talk about a few more things how to temporarily disable face ID on your iPhones very, very easy. So all you need to do is press either one of the volume buttons while pressing the side button simultaneously. So let’s do that. Now. Let’s choose volume down. Hold both buttons. There you go. Once you see this screen release, and then tap cancel. And now you see the message your passcode is required to allow face ID so until you enter that passcode face ID disabled. All right, we have one tip on how to invoke emergency SOS on your iPhone. So to do so you can press either the volume buttons along with the side button simultaneously.

 So we’ll do so right now. And when this menu comes up, continue holding those buttons, you’ll see the little countdown timer, don’t let it go all the way across. Otherwise, your emergency contacts.

Now what’s nice is that you can perform emergency SOS without even looking at this screen, you just hold those buttons, maybe your phones in your pocket, you need to invoke it you can do so or you can just use this little slider oops didn’t mean to do that. Don’t do do not accidentally invoke that. Because that’s not good and you don’t want to make false, you know, false 911 calls and things like that. So be sure not to do that unless you really are an emergency. Just keep that in mind. All right. So I want to thank you guys. a handy iOS utility for Mac PC can enter recovery mode and exit recovery mode with just one click try reboot for Mac OS using the link in the description and get $10 off with coupon code nine to five Mac

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