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Most Important Information About Google Features Review

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Hey guys, and get ready to learn crazy cool Google features, like did you know Google have seriously useful tools, like for example, in the Google search bar, you can type out six time, five seconds, and instantly this time, it will begin counting down. And that allow me to sound your time is up, it can be number, of course, but you want to do a five second five minutes or five hour timer, you can do it. And there’s even the stopwatch function, which is super useful. rolling a dice is another really cool thing you can do Google, search for roll a dice the Google Search section.

And not only can you choose from a six sided dice, but you can choose an eight sided, 10 sided or even four sided dice, and roll multiple dice at the same time. now you know how this cool Google tool is called the spinner. And if you type that in the search bar. And now you can randomly pick a number just by spinning the wheel, you can choose the wheel size on the left hand side there. So you want 20 numbers or four, you decide click this button, and it will select a random number. And yes, although it is digital, it is still surprisingly fun to play with Oh, and stay until the end of the video because I’m giving away some Google gift cards to some of my lucky subscribers. Now this one you guys have got to try out.

And basically all you do is type in an animal Google search, like tiger, for example. Then scroll down and right over here, you should see this option that says View in 3d. So if you tap on that, you’ll be able to see a 360 view of this Tiger right on your phone where you can zoom in or zoom out and take a really good look at it. But not only that, if you click on this view in your space button, this is where it gets really epic. So what you do is give Google access to your camera, to scan the room around you just like this. And verb bam, which is so amazing. Once you’ve placed the tiger in your room, you can walk around it with your phone.

 And what’s crazy is this is basically a life size model. So everyone standing our studio, this is how big a tiger would be. You can choose from many different animals, from cats to dogs, Wildlife, you name it,again, you just place it down your space, I put it on top of my table. And it’s just so much fun to check out show friends and family, they will be amazed. Another really cool thing that Google has done these animal sections is added this learn something new tab. And if you click on it, you can learn a bunch of really cool, quick fun facts about the animal you just searched. So definitely try this one off, guys, you’ll love it. searching for 3d animals, there are some other really cool things you can do Google search. So like Wikipedia, for example, and you need to find a specific word, then click on this three dots and then select find in page nine, you can just type out the word you’re looking for.

 And instantly, it’ll be highlighted. you can then easily click the down or up arrow and it’ll scroll through each.

 On the right hand side, you’ll see these little highlighted bars. And again, if you click on them, it’ll take you to the highlighted word you just search for. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely not the best at pronouncing long numbers. So if you type out your number, and then and with equal and words, Google will show you that it’s 4,327,905,432,852 instead of going, definition, spelling or even pronunciation of a word instead, to make life much easier, all you need to do is make sure you put down a define and then the word you’re looking for.

So in my example, I typed out a year and you click the search button, Google will show you everything from spelling to synonyms, the words origin and even how to pronounce it. Yay. Oh, and by the way, if you enjoyed this video, then hit that subscribe button because we’re on the road to 1 million and if you subbed I mean that would be Yeah. Okay, now let me show you some amazing features Google Maps. If you’re busy walking and need some directions, something click on this little man icon then right at the bottom, you’ll see live view and if you tap on that, your camera so you can then start scanning your surrounding environments. Once you’ve done that, Google will display the directions your environment just like this, which is not only so cool, but super useful.

Another thing I know pretty much everyone loves to do is listen to music while driving. So if you head over to Settings, then navigation settings Google Maps, you’ll see this option that says show media playback controls. And if you toggle that on, in future. And if you click on it, you can navigate your music while navigating in maps, then I’m always positive. You’ve all seen this icon a million times, but never used it. So if you click on the little mic icon in the top right hand corner, you’re gonna ask Google anything, like when you’ll arrive, for example, you should reach your destination by 3:56pm. And she’ll respond just like that every single time. For those of you who like traveling, or even running, this one can be super useful.

 So if you place a pin drop down, then tap on it, you’ll see this option. And what you’ll see is you move the map, this little line appears, plus icon to add a Point and now you can create a another line just like this so that eventually you can work out an entire routes and get the distance. Okay, now, did you know Google Assistant has a magic APR. So if for example, I want to know if my channel is gonna reach 1 million subscribers, then all I have to say is magic a pool?

Okay, the crystal bowl is ready to answer your yes or no question. Think of it and three to one. The Crystal Ball says. Affirmative. Yeah. Independent key studies have concluded the crystal ball use can result in random and possibly stupid answers that can lead to the following real or imaginary symptoms. Another thing you could say is I’m bored. All right, which one would you like to try? Then you could pick from one of these. So let’s go on a Mickey Mouse adventure.

Okay, here’s Mickey Mouse adventure. It’s me, Mickey Mouse. Would you like to go on an adventure with me?

And then you can go down some crazy Mickey Mouse rabbit hole. But yeah, that’s, uh, no. That’s okay. If you change your mind, you can come back later. Okay, then, if you happen to be a Harry Potter fan, you can say, hey, Google limos. And she’ll turn on all smart bulbs in your house, or even your phone’s flashlight. Then you can say, hey, Google, Knox. And she’ll turn off all your SMART goals. Pretty nifty. Now, here, we have Google lense. And again, it is packed with cool features. So right at the bottom, if you toggle into text mode, then scan type of text like this, for example, go ahead, click that shutter button, then Tap this icon it says listen, and Google will read it out for you knock knock. Who’s there? Broccoli, broccoli, who broccoli doesn’t have a last name, silly.

I mean, that’s a pretty nifty feature. Once again, if you’re like me, and not the best at maths, you can swipe over to this homework section, then scan your mathsson hit that shutter button and in many seconds, Google will take that sum and work out everything for you you see there. And if you swipe up, it’ll show you the sub sub. It’s like magic. Not only that, you can scroll right down to the bottom and see how you would have worked this out on the calculator. And then for those of you who are always super busy with events, if you open up Google lens and scan an invitation, and date. If you tap on it, you can save the date just like that.

So there are many different cool easter eggs all over Google. But here are many fun ones to try out. So in the Google search section, if you type out, Do a barrel roll, the second you hit that search button, the entire Google browser will do a barrel roll. It is so cool. And honestly just a fun easter egg on Google to play with. I’m =pretty sure if you showed this of your friends or family. That’d be pretty amazed. Also, did you know if you type in a skew on Google and then press Search, the entire search result is slightly skewed just like this. And for all my OCD people out there, I’m pretty sure this could be very annoying for you. But again. Then this is definitely one of my faves.

And if you type in one of the actors from friends like Chanda being for example, And if you tap on it. Friends to show you guys another one, which is a big fan favorite. If you type in Ross Geller, you will see a couch icon. But if you go ahead and tap on it. So you can pretty much see these are a bunch of fun. And mentioned, they have one for every single member from friends. Then this Easter egg can definitely be used to play a fun practical joke.

And all you do is type in Google gravity, then select the first link. And the minute you click on that search bar, check it out the entire Google browsers falls to pieces and is basically rendered useless, I can just imagine opening this link on a friend’s computer leaving it there and the absolute confusion when clicking that search bar. So guys, I’m giving away some Google Play a gift cards to some of my lucky subscribers. And you can use these codes to download music, movies, games, and of course, some sick applications. And all you have to do is try out some of these codes. But if you enjoyed those crazy cool Google features.

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