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New Features Of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 & MacOS Review

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Welcome to another episode of nine to five Mac weekly where I thought I’d wear a Google shirt again, because apparently when I wore one in the last article, it had quite a few of you and raged. And although it wasn’t quite, most of us were expecting it to be, they did announce,  the by talking about new features for iOS 15, which will be coming later this fall. And Apple started with talking about new FaceTime updates. And these are probably some of the biggest updates of FaceTime, we firstly got spatial audio support, which will tweak the audio and calls to sound like it’s coming from the direction in which the person.

There’s a voice isolation mode that’ll minimize loud background noise that you’ve got going on in the call. And if you want whoever you’re calling to hear everything that’s going on, you can use the wide spectrum mode, which will leave the ambient noise, completely unfiltered. There’s no portrait mode for FaceTime, which I’m a bit surprised to see quite honestly, because making in different lighting scenarios is going to take some really good corner detection AI, the blurred look is artificial, you’ve got a bunch of new sharing features through what Apple’s calling share, play. This allows you to watch movies, listen to music, or just share your device’s screen with whoever you’re facetiming with. And from what they’ve showed, this looks like this is gonna work pretty darn.

And coming from someone who’s used hangouts religiously for like, six, seven years now, it’ll be good to finally put that out to bed and start using FaceTime full time. But I think by far the biggest new feature is FaceTime links. This will allow you to share your FaceTime call a link that anyone can join. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone because FaceTime links will support Android and Windows through a browser. So through this small workaround, Apple has technically brought FaceTime to Android, which is something I would have never expected iOS 13 is going to improve on the information experience a bit, the lockscreen notifications have been slightly redesigned.

And there’s now a new information summary page, which is a neat collection of some of your most important notifications. But one of the cooler features they showed off was live text, which allows you to copy and paste text that you find photos, not a PDF or photo document though, but a real life photo. Through AI, and allow you to interact with it, which is an very cool feature, the wallet app will be useful you will be able to add your driver’s license state ID to your Apple Wallet for when you’re traveling that and a handful of solid features are announced for iOS 15. And my personal favorites are all the FaceTime and Apple wallet features. But moving on to iPad iOS, everyone thought there was going to be this revolutionary iPad OS update that would make all the M one announcements make sense.

 But that’s not the Case. Not Not at all. Really. In a nutshell, we’ve got some nice improvements for sure. But I’m concerned, the iPad has not gotten more useful. From this update alone, the homescreen in addition to bigger widgets completely for the iPad, and that’s great, but I have said many times that should have been there from jump. We’ve now got the app library being carried over from iOS 14, so you can now access all your apps from the dock. There’s a new improved multitasking Multi Window features, and they’ve made it a lot easier to switch between applications. While in the split screen menu. They’ve even introduced this little menu called shelf that’ll let you more easily view and select your windows.

 And if you’re a big note taker on iPad, to hear notetaking is now going system wide with quick notes with either a gesture or a keyboard shortcut, you can now start a note anywhere while in application. And there’s a menu to view all of your quick notes while in the Notes app I’ve had it was 15 will take advantage of a lot of the other features coming to iOS 14 like the FaceTime features, but that’s pretty much it a major features for iPad iOS 15 completely. So for everyone who’s bought in and one iPad Pro hoping for this massive software overhaul of the pro suite of apps, we can hold this L together and I’ve kind of got more to say about this towards the end of the video.

But for now, I’ll say that this update looks solid, I am honestly disappointed in how minor this update is given the power we’ve got in the iPad for my watch OS folks nice features coming to watch iOS eight, you’ll be able to add portrait mode photos your watch face. You can share photos messages and mail. And there’s a bunch of other minor little updates, they’ve updated the breathe app with new animations, you can use the digital crown to scroll through text when sending a message, which is a really nice feature. And you’ve Of course, got a bunch of new health and fitness features. But we really didn’t get anything crazy with watch OS eight. Regardless, I’m looking forward to using all the features. But like I said, Nothing really exciting with this update.

 And we got our first look at Mac OS Monterrey. And since Big Sur was such a big update, I wasn’t expecting Monterey to be substantial. But a lot of the features they announced are pretty freakin cool. The first of which being universal control. This will allow a singular and keyboard to work seamlessly between your Mac and iPad, you can have your Mac and iPad next to each other, and your cursor will transition between the machines you make it so and this works for more than just the cursor control, you can copy and paste text, and even files between machines, the way Apple tries to unify these products for increased productivity is really impressive. And this is another example of that Mac OS is getting airplay support in Monterey.

So you can take a video or music playing on your iPhone and cast it to your Mac like it’s a smart TV. And for music. Specifically, I think there’s a really nice addition, Mac OS is getting shortcuts. So for those of you who use this app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be good to go to use it on Mac, probably the biggest visual change to Mac OS is through the redesigned Safari app, this redesign will carry over into iOS and iPad OS. But according to Apple, this update was done for the purpose of making the tabs bar take up less space. So they’ve now given that this floating tab designed with a UI that will correspond its color with the theme of the web page you’re on.

The big feature they’re pushing is tab groups, which will organize your tabs into certain categories. And I’m personally not too sure why they had to change the file like this. I don’t think it was that bad from a design standpoint before but we’ll be getting our hands on the beta soon. So our thoughts on that. And those are some of the biggest features from Mac OS Monterrey, which like I said, isn’t a big update per se. But all the features they did announce should be pretty cool to us. But now we address the elephant in the room. I’m sure there are many of you who are scratching your heads wondering where the heck of a redesigned MacBook Pros where the heck is Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPads raise. As many trade sites reported that today WWDC would be the day for some of that stuff.

But unfortunately, the hype train led us somewhere where we didn’t think we’d end up there’s a very specific reason why I don’t upload a weekly video for every single rumor that drops. And that’s because there are really only a few sources that I personally find to be reliable. And so I’ll just say that Mark gurmann from Bloomberg, Kang, Ming Chico, and for the most part, love to dream, those are all sources I find to be pretty reliable for leaks and rumors, speaking, everyone else is out here confirming stuff you know, they’re they’re kind of like, what love to dream refers to actors. And so I personally recommend just sticking to the list of gents I cover if you want the most reliable leaks and rumors, if that’s even a thing when Apple doesn’t deliver on things that are leaked in rumor.

And a lot of the time consumer like to get angry at Apple for not delivering on these things when these are rumors that are made up by people a lot of the time. And so I just be very particular and really pay attention to the track record of a lot of these people who you follow and who are claiming to be leakers because a lot of the time, you know, they can lead you down this path of falsehood, the back to the hardwar. If there’s no hardware at the event, where do we go from here? When are we going to see these Mac books? Well, I’m not a leaker. But I would say that there are two possibilities here. One Apple could just host another in the near month where they released these new MacBook Pros in addition to probably a few other pieces of hardware, the MacBook Pros are delayed and released in an in the fall like they have done so in last years.

 If Mac books are coming this year, I doubt they had wait the very tail end of the year to announce them unless it was because of a manufacturing delay, perhaps a delay in mini led production. But either way, we’ve now got more to look forward to one and I get to hold on to my pennies for a little bit longer. We’re going to be doing the regular feature views for all the software betas dropping so if you’re ready for that, make sure you subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed. Thank you guys for watching.

And I’ll talk to you guys in the next one special things to imazing for sponsoring nine to five Mac imazing is me by Apple fans and it’s already fully compatible with iOS 14 iPad iOS 14 and it’s ready for Mac Wes Bexar and Apple silica use it to do things like easily transfer music and videos to your devices or download and install iOS apps and manage an app library right on your desktop. Click the link in the description to get 30% off amazing for a limited time.

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