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So without further ado, let’s get into it. First up is the UE megaboom. UE BOOM is basically a mid-sized Bluetooth Portable speaker. But it happens to be shockproof and completely waterproof a 20 hour rechargeable battery USB range of around 100 foot. And you can connect up to two or more of these together to create a really high quality surround sound experience. These are things that are pretty old now and they’ve been around for a long time. But for $85, which is what they are on Amazon, they’re still the best Bluetooth speaker for the price in my opinion.

 For an entirely waterproof speaker, you can take a shower or take near a pool with you when you’re on holiday and not be worried about water splashing around on it is just a high quality speaker for the price. Personally, I’m a big fan of how the speaker has been designed a super simple, clean, minimalist, all black and gray construction. They just looked so good to me. I really liked the simplicity of the interface, is basically a plus or minus volume control on the large silicon grip, which just makes it feel a lot Portable. You get a really cool yellow charging brick with it, which is pretty old school.

 So if you’re looking for a really good Portable Bluetooth speaker under $100, this is definitely the one to get. Key bottle is basically a super light, Portable, collapsible silicon bottle, which just makes it the perfect water bottle to chuck in your rucksack or having your luggage nowadays, many places you can grab free water and fill up your bottle, which just means you’re not buying plastic bottles and throwing them away each time. They’re super simple to use. And all you have to do is literally just take the lid off and pull the bottle open. And you can see how it expands into a full bottle size.

One of the things I love about these bottles is because they’re made from Silicon, they’re really resistant to damage if you’re throwing your backpack around. It means you’re not going to scratch anything in your bag because it’s a soft end. If you’re someone who wants a super Portable bottle, he can squash down into your rucksack and take to the gym with you. And definitely go and have a look at these. There’s basically an arm extended the you can clamp on to anything and hold something in the grip the other end, these things are honestly so helpful and they’re super cheap, you can attach to your desk attach item to it that you want.

So I use these so I can position cameras or microphones in otherwise quite difficult places. But they’re all really useful and helpful in some way, especially if you’re doing DIY, and don’t want to hold a torch in a difficult to reach position. Just go and get one of these chuckling tool works. Trust me, you won’t understand what you needed until you have it. Next up is the MX Master three mouse. So if you haven’t seen my full review, on this mouse from Logitech that definitely go and have a look at that. But basically this is hands down the best productivity mouse available at the moment around $100. It’s not the cheapest mouse out there. And it’s just in the limit of what’s allowed on this list. trust me is worth the investment. It has multiple customizable buttons, a freewheeling scroll wheel, and it features a multi-device mode switcher.

So you can easily switch to the device the mouse is attached to with a single click. This is a super helpful feature if you’re someone like me to work across multiple devices at one time. Just a quick side note if you’re looking for a much cheaper option, Logitech makes a sparkling inexpensive mouse, which I really like. So this is the M 185 in gray which is about $10 on Amazon. So super cheap. If you’re a student or you’re on a budget and this be a better option for you. I personally use this mouse to take traveling with me because I don’t mind if it gets bashed around a bit along the way. So next up is one of my personal items on this list. And it’s attached e USB C slim multiport adapter.

 This is basically the best USB C hub for the Mac books that I’ve seen so far. It has such a sleek design is super thin, super Portable, has all the ports you’re ever going to need. So this thing has two USB a ports, one 4k HDMI output, the USB C charging Port, two SD card slots,  one micro and unlike other most USB C hubs It features Gigabit Ethernet Port. So you can connect up your MacBook or iPad directly to a LAN cable to get superfast speeds. PS I’m going to be doing a video soon on upgrading my own internet to gigabit internet.

 One of the things I really like about it is that all of the ports are on one side which just makes things so much available loose as a small LED light indicator, which is a really nice design feature which tells you if the hub is attached and work Probably one thing to mention here is that most USBC hubs won’t be Thunderbolt three speeds. So if that’s what you’re looking for, and just be really careful to read the specs before buying of these hubs. For those who don’t know the difference, Thunderbolt three works at 40 gigabytes per second, or USBC works at 10 gigabytes per second.

So it’s quite a meaningful speed difference between the two. Personally for me, I don’t need 40 gigabytes per second at this stage. 10 gigabytes per second is plenty fast enough. But for me, the city he just wins on every Point. It’s got all of the ports I need. The design is great. The matte black powder coating is such a nice end purchase looks so much cleaner than some of the other horrible gray ones I’ve seen out there. I love this thing. So definitely go and grab one if you’re looking for a reliable hub. Next up is the native union wireless charger. This the slate gray version, not the leather version. Some of you are probably wondering why don’t use Apple’s magsafe charger, but I tried that when it released the iPhone 12 I just don’t like how it comes away with your phone when you want to pick it up.

The native union charger is great. It’s got a super sleek design and a nice weight to it, which means one place when you pick up your phone or your apples or else you’re charging. It has a really subtle LED indicator and it has rubber circular grips on the bottom so it doesn’t move around when it’s on your desk. If you’re looking for a wireless charger for your desk, bedside table or anything else for that matter, and this is definitely the one I’d recommend getting. The next product is something I’ve spoken about before and it’s called a Yeti Rambler. Yeti is an American company that specializes in making vacuum insulated flasks. I’ve had different Yeti flasks for over five years now. And they last. This one is the white 26 ounce version, which is about Point seven five litres.

 And it’s about $50 on Amazon. These things are really heavy duty because they’re made from stainless steel. They’re perfect for when you want to take a hot drink out with you all day, you can just chuck them in your rucksack or in the back of your car. I’ve taken these on surf trips before filled them up with ice water left them on the beach. And when you come back from a surf session, the ice is still there, even when it’s been left out in the sun. The best thing about the 80s though is that they feature a wide mouth opening, which is great if you want to pour low device into the flask, which you can’t do with other bottles that have a thinner cap. Definitely go and check out Yeti.

Another daily central I just wanted to mention on this list and my glasses from Bailey Nelson. So I’ve spoken about these before and my daily carry video, but I wanted to share them again here. You be thinking glasses aren’t really tech. And that’s kind of true. But the reason they’re on this list is that they’ve been a real lifesaver for me over the last many years because they feature a blue light filter the lens. So when I’m staring at screens for long periods of time, and these just filter out all of the harmful blue to my eyes. This is my third pair of Bally analysing glasses, I definitely recommend them to go and check them out. Next on the list is the Lavazza milk profit. So this is probably my second favorite thing on this list. I love this leg and use it pretty much every day.

There’s a lot of milk frothers out there. But for about $50 this by far the best value for money that you can get. The design is really sleek and unobtrusive so it doesn’t get in the way on your worktop. I just love the simplicity of the black metal design, and just one single button on the front. The further itself is magnetic, which is pretty cool. It has three settings which allow you to select which type of coffee froth you want. And it works for iced coffee. But to be honest, I usually just go for regular hot for a setting, which you can see works. The final thing on this list is the Rode video micro compact microphone at about $50 this mic friend has to be the best value for money external microphone on the market. You can see here just how tiny and compact the microphone is.

 And it’s all metal design means it’s pretty sturdy, because it’s so small and I accidentally dropped it many times and it’s been fine. This has been such a good purchase for me. And I’d say it’s really useful for anyone who wants a super Portable microphone. It comes with the dead cat, which I pretty much always use is really good at stopping background noise coming through.

If you’re on a budget and need a good mic, this is the one I would recommend. So guys, that’s it for this article. Let me know if there’s anything you really liked or there’s something that you guys always use that I don’t. So definitely let me know in the comments below.

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