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An Exclusive Apple Watch Series 6 Review

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Hey guys, If you’re new to the channel, I’m a designer, entrepreneur, and lover of all things tech. I’ve been really testing this thing for a little over three months now since its release. And I wanted to give you guys a pretty comprehensive review, which covers some of the key things that I think you need to know, before buying. So first things first, let’s talk about the design of this watch. This is my first Apple Watch. And one of the big reasons for that is they just didn’t feel like the design they were streamlined enough.

The watch six is definitely the best design my opinion, I went for the 44 millimeter Wi Fi only watch in Space Gray, which I think is definitely the best option to go. For a price perspective, the aluminum Case is the cheapest option by far. And because this is something, didn’t feel it made much sense splashing out on a stainless steel design. Similarly, I didn’t feel I need the cell version of the watch. So just can’t see a situation where I’m going to need to make calls or apply to things through data when I don’t already have my phone with me. And you can download tons of entertainment, I didn’t want to add another five to $10 onto my subscription tariff, I can just tell that from my phone.

Next up, we’re going to talk about the different strap options. When I ordered my watch, I wanted to try Apple’s new solar new. So that’s the original band that came with this watch. I’ll be honest though, while I liked the idea, I really didn’t like these bands, I just found it didn’t look good on my wrist. The other important thing to mention here is that because the solar loop is one single piece, I found it gets really sweaty when exercising, and this is coming from someone that’s not very sweaty person . Contrast though, I got hold of two Nike sports bands. The first one is an all white band. And this is one you can’t get more. So if you’re lucky enough to find one on eBay, that definitely try and grab it.

They’re really, really rare. The second one I got is in all black. Anyway, both of these bands are so much better than the solo loop because they feature holes the design. I don’t sweat in these a tool and I can change the tightness depending on I’m doing exercise or just wearing during the day. So my opinion Nike sports band is definitely the way to go. So let’s dive into the fitness side of things next, because let’s be honest, like most of the people, that’s probably the main reason you want to get an Apple Watch. The first thing you need to know is that Apple’s inbuilt Health. It has three rings, which correspond to calories burned, exercise minutes spent during the day, your stand target.

 Each of these targets can be defined by your age, weight, fitness status. But you can customize these targets to make sure you’re getting the most out of things. When it comes to fitness. I use my watch for first is running, which I use Strava for Strava app that allows you to capture and share your fitness progress with others. And there’s a great community aspect to it. If you use Strava to automatically links back to your Apple Health app, you can still close your rings using third party apps. Another thing I use my watch for is golf.

Now I know this will be a niche topic. So I’ll keep this really brief. But there’s a bright free app called hole 19. And it worked. What’s great about it is that you can use it on your phone for added details. And then finally, the other thing I use my watch for is surfing, I use an app called dawn patrol because of lockdown here in the U\K, I’ve only been able to use it. But when I did, it works. And it’s a great way of tracking your surf sessions related to fitness apps. Obviously, the Apple Watch six has improved heart monitoring. the watch six has the capability to take ecgs, which is pretty cool. And of course the biggest new feature was the addition of blood oxygen levels, which ironically given COVID is a really tiny addition, being able to check your oxygen levels, something I didn’t think I’d use much, but I’ve found it really, really useful.

very much related to health and fitness. It’s the ability to listen to music, podcasts or other media when you’re exercising. When it comes to music. I’m very much a user of Spotify and not Apple Music. Up until recently, the Spotify experience in the Apple Watch was very limited support for I’ve recently thought it was She can now listen to music when you don’t have an internet connection. By sinking songs directly to watch for not listening to music, they’ll just fire up an audio book or podcast, I use the audible app by Amazon for different audio books. And here again, you can sync specific books to the watch. Similarly, with podcasts, you can do the same thing using Apple’s native podcast app.

The one thing to Point out here, though, is that it’s changed on you’re running, you cannot currently do voice control, unless you have an internet connection. Basically, there’s no access to Siri at all, unless you have an internet connection, which feels like a big mess from Apple, especially if all you want to do is lower the volume by Siri. Next up, we’re gonna talk about mindfulness meditation. There’s two apps I use in this space. To be honest, it’s like the watch was made for these types of apps. The first is Apple’s native breathe. just such a simple elap regular Points during the day basically just remind you to take stock for many minutes and take a short breath based meditation. The second app we use is called calm, which is a mindfulness App, which I’d really recommend.

When it comes to messaging on the watch, there’s Apple’s native messaging app, which works where you can read and reply to messages. And you can set up and create your own emoji, which is pretty cool. But what’s a little disappointing on the watch is the WhatsApp experience. You can receive and reply to WhatsApp messages be can’t go back and see past messages, which is a little annoying if you want to quickly reference something. There’s a cool feature called walkie talkie that you can use to speak with people quickly. I thought it would be a bit of a gimmick, but it’s quite good fun. Next up, we’re going to talk about productivity apps. Starting with email, the Mail app is pretty good and simple to use. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to really do email from your wrist, the native calendar app is pretty poor, and doesn’t let you view in a weekly or a monthly format.

So I rarely use it. What I do use lots though is to do this. So if you haven’t seen of my other productivity videos, or leave links to them here, but to do so is basically a to do list app that lets you quickly check off or add tasks you remember them. It’s really good. And I use it on the Mac and iPad . The other app I use a lot on my watch is stocks, I keep track of all of my investments, yeah, from Apple is designed. And the interface is so clean. It even shows you the stock charts, which is a really nice touch. that’s pretty much it when it comes to productivity, the watch is ever going to be designed for productivity.

So if you’re thinking of using it for that, then I definitely reconsider why you want to watch in the first place. So when it comes to other things I like about the Apple Watch, there are watch faces the selection and customization options on this are brilliant. And I love just tinkering around with the different complications that are shown in the face. I personally use the infograph face. This is where I feel like I have the most data available. But I have the Mickey Mouse one on standby, because, why wouldn’t you, you can share different watch faces with friends and family. With watch six, Apple has introduced a new hand washing feature, which I thought I would hate.

But I really like the Basic provides a countdown for when you should stop washing your hands, which is really important at the moment. What am I absolute favorite features of the new watch is noise levels. As someone who’s always really conscious and making sure I’m not damaging my ears is such a nice feature. I find myself using it quite a lot. And then finally, there’s the weather app itself, which you’d expect has been really nicely designed. You get into foods such air pollution and UV levels for the day, which are not things that I would have checked before. But now that I have a watch, I find myself doing it. So guys, in summary, there’s loads more I could say about the new Apple Watch six.

But these just some of the key things that I would think if you’re looking to pick one up, the design is awesome. The battery life is amazing. And most of the apps that I would use work with the exception of Siri and the calendar App. If you’re someone who’s conscious by your mental health or fitness, then I would definitely recommend getting the Apple Watch. If you’re someone looking to use it for productivity reasons that I’d say it’s probably not a worthwhile purchase. But that’s just my opinion. And I am keen to hear what you guys think about the new Apple Watch, so let me know in the comments below. As usual, I’ll put a link down the description to the watch I have links to all my other gear so you guys can check it out in your own time.

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