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My First Experiance About iPhone 12 Review

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Hey guys, I am super excited for this article because I have many last half accessories to show you guys. So if you have an iPhone, get excited and let’s dive straight into it. Now these are two seriously nifty charging standards and you definitely need one of these in your life. So the first one folds up really compact like this and what’s so cool is you can take your original magsafe charging pad and pop the little USB C section through the feed the rest of the cable and just like that verb BAM you have a super slick charging stand. It’s really adjustable.

 So depending on what angle you want your phone to sit on the stand you can it like this and this is a really cool accessory to put on your desk or maybe even next to your bed it’s so useful and if you want to watch content while charging, you can just pop your phone in landscape. I love this accessory and it’s really affordable which is great. We have another option from a brand called ESR.

 They make a similar charging regular it already has the charger built in and you don’t need a magsafe charger. So all you do is hook up the USBC cable to the bottom of the charging section. Pop your phone on and like that your phone is already charging you can just like the other one pop your phone in landscape if you want to watch content, it is super adjustable, very sturdy. And another great option for super cool charging stand. By the way, links to all these products will be down below in the description box in Case you want to check them out. Now this is a pretty normal average looking screen protected to you guys. But it is so much cooler than that.

And let me show you why. Okay, let’s just say you’re out in public and you got to pop your pin in your phone or do some banking, I don’t know but one thing you definitely don’t want is anyone to see what is happening on your screen with this screen protector. As soon it’s on your phone you start to turn it it’s almost like the screen blacks out just like that and you cannot see what is going on on your phone. Here you can see just what a difference the screen protector makes from blocking info on your screen. So next time you’re out in public, you want to pop in a pin or transfer 1000s in Cash.

Rest assured no one is going to see what is going on if you have the super-secure safety screen protector onto some card charging accessories and I found two really slick options that are pretty hard to go without first up is the super simple one which again uses the original magsafe charger all you do is grab it slotted into place and like that your magnetic charger is attached to the car mount then you just open on your events and you now have a magsafe charging mount in your car that makes life so much easier.

 And because this is just a bracket it is super affordable for the second option again from the brand ESR they have a similar car mount but the charger is built in and you do need the magsafe one so you just grabbed a USBC cable to plug it into the bottom and then just like the other one it has a clip, you just mounted to the in your car, slap your phone on and play tunes you’re good to go you can just grab your phone without having to hassle with a clamp or anything like that.

So if you’re someone who’s in the car all the time, these are two great options for you to definitely check out. Now if you have a pair of air pods or maybe even an Apple Watch, you should definitely think one of these charging stations. Just saying so this is a really cool dual charging pad from Apple and let me tell you guys, it is premium and it is quality. So you have unfolded it and attached a lightning cable you can throw your phone on your Apple Watch and charge away but what’s so nice about this one is how compact it folds up. So if you’re someone who travels a lot this would be the perfect charging station now because this one is an Apple product it can be pretty expensive, but luckily there are other affordable options out there like this one.

This is a four piece charging station so you can charge a lot more and it works pretty much the same the dual charger. Once you plug it in. You can pop on your phone, your Apple Watch your AirPods pro and even an Apple Pencil so if you’ve got many Apple products This is the perfect charging station for you. It’s not compact or quality the dual Apple charge of but for less than half the cost. It’s a pretty good option. Now the next must have accessory is this many $55 projector yes, these do exist and they are so cool. As you can see this is a really small projector but the display quality is pretty amazing for its size.

It comes just like this out there. Because with a regular that you’re attached to the bottom, then you can open up the legs and place it down on just about surface at the back is just this little plate you remove where you insert the power cables the HDMI cable, then all the controls and dials are on the top and that is where you pop it on. On the right hand side over here is adjust the focus. And that is all there is to it, you do need to get this HDMI to lightning adapter for your phone. But  you’ve got it attached, you can watch YouTube, Netflix or even games all with this projector and it is just so much fun.

Now this is a pretty small random looking accessory I know but let me tell you it has a big effect and is bound to snap some necks. So this is what you get in the box, a little disco life with a USB a attachments, three other little adapters These are so you can connect it to almost device or in my Case, I’m using the lightning adapter and verb BAM just like that I have a Portable disco and you will not believe that how many people love this thing. So if you’re ever looking for a gift idea, or just a fun time you should 100% think these I promise you will not regret it.

 Then while on the topic of lights, this anchor accessory acts an external flash and anyone who’s big into selfies or even photography will love this thing. As you can see it has a lightning cable attached. So all you do is plug it into your phone open up the camera. And then anytime you take a photo with the flash on instead of your phone flashing light flashes instead which is so much nicer and brighter than your phone’s flash. Not only that, if you don’t want to use it a flash, you can use it a strong light to take this perfect selfies and the battery lasts a lifetime. By the way, if you’re enjoying the video so far, don’t forget to sub to the channel because we’re on the road to 1 million and a b b e a you know, check out this super cool tripod accessory it doesn’t look like much but you start unfolding it there are so many different uses for it.

 So all you do is extend the pole like a tripod open up the legs, and right over here is a little removable camera remote. phone is in the tripod and you open up the camera, you can snap some pics to your heart’s content. Using that Bluetooth remotes. You can extend it off like this into a selfie stick if that’s what you prefer. And let’s not like that it folds up to this tiny compact size is amazing. you’re looking for something with a bit more stabilization, then the DJI oh four gimbal is perfect. These gimbals are packed with a bunch of amazing features, but they’re surprisingly affordable. Once your phone’s attached You are crazy and get the most stable shots.

 And not only that, So you tell it to track you, the gimbal literally does everything and you don’t have to do a thing. How cool. So did you know there are other magsafe compatible cases already out there and you don’t need to buy an Apple branded one. That’s right guys. As you know, the Apple ones can be pretty expensive, but other brands are slowly but surely bringing out their own magsafe compatible cases. And you can see they’ve got the magnets in and are super good quality. They work the Apple branded ones, but are a fraction of the cost and this one has some pretty cool camera protection. So I’ll have some links down below in the description for you guys to some of these other amazing Maxi compatible cases.

 you are not keen on the magsafe charger and just want some cool Case options, then this one is epic because of the camera protector. So you pop it on your phone, there’s this little sliding door that you can slide shot to keep your camera lenses protected and safe from getting scratches or dirt in them. So I love this Case and again, the quality is on Point. Okay, now all these accessories are really cool. But what if you really like jamming games on your phone, then you definitely need this gaming controller accessory it’s made specifically for iPhone and all you do is pop your phone in that slot so it’s nice and sturdy. Then go ahead and grab the lightning cable that’s attached to the controller plug it into your phone and you are good to go.

You can then jam your games for hours and let me tell you it makes playing your games is so much easier. You recharge the controller just by plugging in a lightning cable right over there. there this thing is amazing. I’ve kind of become addicted to playing games because of this control accessory. And I’m just saying it does look quite a lot like an Xbox controllers, which is pretty cool. Now these are some powerful accessories that you want to check out now that Apple don’t ship the charging brick in the box.

So you may know this is Apple’s 18 watt charging brick but here To match better options from okie and anchor, this Apple one is big way more expensive so for a better price not only do you get a better wattage, but a smaller size so I highly recommend these two you don’t have to stick to the original magsafe charger auki have this amazing magsafe charger dupe if you will and it works the same, if not a bit better. So that is it for these iPhone 12 last have accessories links to all the products will be down below in the description box in Case you’re interested. And let me know in the comment section which was your favorite one.

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