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The Best Productivity Apps Android Review

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Hey guys, what’s up, Just before we start, it’s worth remembering that I’ve tried to highlight apps that will be useful too. But , because I’m a designer, there may be a slight biased on some things in here. Anyway, with that in mind, let’s get into it. So first off, what is Evernote? Now for those of you that haven’t heard of Evernote, it’s basically the ultimate digital Notepad or filing cabinet. I’ve been using this app now for about 10 year. And if you’re already using apps like notion, or OneNote, it’s definitely deserving checking out Evernote. The main benefit is that it syncs with all of your devices and all of your notes and files to the cloud. So you’ll never lose anything.

And you can access them from device, Windows, Mac, mobile, or anything. Basically, I use Evernote for literally everything, to do lists, shopping lists, travel ideas, house ideas, design ideas, and of course, all of my YouTube ideas and notes and all of my work stuff. You can share notes with others, convert them to different formats, and even create a work team on Evernote. Imagine combining Dropbox and OneNote into a single app. And that’s basically Ave. So here, all I’m doing is just creating a quick blog post. So let’s call it into the wild, which is going to drag a photo in there, just to show you guys how to embed stuff. And we’ll just put a little bit of text here below just to highlight some of the maybe the main chapters of this blog.

So maybe these are different continents. So we can say, North America, maybe Europe. And it’s not a continent, but let’s just put South Africa in there. Okay, so I’m just going to edit some of this text here, just bowled many things you guys can see, this is basically just a super simple word processor. Let’s just go ahead and drag that post or that note into our travel notebook, which you can see, I’ve already set up here on the left hand side. And then let’s just delete the other notebook. So we have two notebooks. And , I found myself more and more writing notes on the iPad, and then editing those on the laptop. So for example, let’s just go ahead and write a simple shopping list. Now doing this, I’m just using Apple’s new scribble feature, which is pretty awesome.

 If you guys haven’t used it, I’d recommend checking it out. It is essentially just like writing on paper, but with your Apple Pencil on your iPad. And all I’m doing here is just writing a shopping list, which, to be honest, is a much more intuitive way of doing it than typing something out. And if you just leave your iPad, on the side in the kitchen, or somewhere, you’re going to remember this, then that’s probably the best thing to do. So here, I’ve just switched back to the computer, just going to edit this list up. You can do all of this on the iPad. But I’m just showing you got this you can see how it syncs across devices will do a little check box. And it maybe also adds some tags. Now the tagging system in Evernote is excellent, I really recommend you get into that. It just means that when you start searching through your notes and categorizing them, that just makes them that much more powerful. So we’ll just create a few tags in here. Get that in there like that.

And that’s probably good enough for now. Any final tweaks, they think so just to show you guys, you can do various different things within things as well. So this menu will let you share it and export it, of course to a different format. And guys, that’s pretty much it. That’s Evernote. Go check it out.

Next up is whereby, whereby it is a new browser based video conferencing app. And it’s free for up to four people on a single core. What I love about whereby Versus other conferencing services, there’s just so blisteringly simple to use. When you create a room, that URL basically becomes your personal meeting room that you can customize to be public or private, depending on your settings, whereby works across multiple devices and browsers, has a brilliant screenshare as well as record functionality. Basically, it’s got everything you need for video conferencing. I’ve used zoom For years, but lately due to the amount of people using it, just because of the pandemic, it seems to be way more glitchy. Not to mention it’s more complicated to use, I thought I’d just walk you through many the menu options.

So at the top left, you can see, I’ve got a URL thoughts on things. And there’s two out of four of us in the room. Over at the bottom, you just got the usual sort of options. So options to meet or unmute my microphone and video options to share my screen, send chat messages, see who’s on the call. And just leave the cooler as different options you can do to rearrange videos and have picture in picture. So whereby is great, definitely go and check it out. I really, really rented. The next app I want to show you guys is an app called numi, which is quite possibly one of my favorite apps at 2020. It is essentially a free and powerful calculator, app, and converter.

And you can do real time currency conversions, length conversions, or basically conversions of type of units to other type of units. As well as basic numerical sums. It’s great at just working. It’s great for doing basic numerical sums. It’s great, you need it, go get it, you heard it here first. So again, with new meat, I’ll just show you a quick example here. So all I’ve done is just pulled up my recent calculator. So you can see some of the things I’ve been looking at or converting or calculating. And let’s just add a new line on here. And what should we do, let’s just do 800 meters in miles to see you can see how that comes out. Pretty simple 1.6 kilometers in smiles. And let’s just show you a currency conversion. So that’s new me guys is great.

Check it out. Now most of you would have heard of we transfer to web based app, I’m assuming that a lot of you who have probably used already, but I’m putting on the list for those who haven’t. It’s basically a file transfer app for large files that you can’t send email, the upload and download speeds are ridiculously quick. Even if you have a slow internet connection. I use we transfer pretty much daily to send files to clients. And it’s free up to a certain file size. So definitely go and check it out if you’re looking for something like that. So just a quick tip, you’re using wire transfer, always make sure you click the link option, I think link is a lot cleaner. And what I’m doing here is just putting in sending from me to, to me, just writing a little note to myself, seems appropriate.

 And then all I’m going to do is just I’ve done that hit transfer. And just to show you guys, I don’t even have the quickest internet tool here. But you can see just how quickly this takes off. And uploads is just super, super quick. And even for large files, this tends to be the sort of speed that the uploads. And so that’s done. And then you just have the link there that you can use to share with whoever you want.

And finally, amphetamine. I love Macs. Don’t get me wrong. But one thing I found frustrating at times is the overly zealous power saving modes that put your laptop to sleep. Even when it’s plugged into the wall. amphetamine basically bypasses Mac’s native power saving modes, and provides way more customizations of how you can use your power. So you can set particular sessions of one hour, two hours or just permanent.

And basically, it just makes sure that your laptop doesn’t go to sleep, which is brilliant you’re trying to download large files overnight, or trying to basically do software updates, where otherwise they would stop halfway through. And I’m just going through the menu options here. So you guys can just see the different things that amphetamine can offer. But that’s pretty much it. That’s amphetamine. Really, really cool app. So guys, those are just some of my favorite apps for the Mac from 2020. Let me know what you think in the comments and what your favorite apps are. I really want to hear if we’re missing anything really cool or interesting.

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