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The Most Important Features Of Telegram Review

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So now that people are kind of moving away from certain chat applications, I am super pumped to show you 10 tips, tricks and hacks on telegram like profile videos, swanky stickers, jamming games, to friends and even a secret menu. But make sure you stay until the end because I’ve saved the best hack for last that you don’t want to miss. And that is you can customize just about anything your chats. To do that, all you need to do is make your way to Settings, then scroll down until you see chat settings. Once in here, you’ll see a pretty sweet selection of customization options, color options that change the color of your message bar. You can click on Change background, and there are a bunch of fantastic different ones to choose from.

And if you click on pattern, you can even change the background pattern of the wallpaper. Then if you wanted to change the text size by chance, that right at the top of just over here. And if you make your way down the customization page, you will see mode which basically allows you to schedule doc mode on telegram all these customization options are so hot, I like it a lot. Now, everyone loves to use a good sticky here today. And let’s just talk about all the quality options telegram has, they basically have a sticker pack for every category under the sun, and they’re very easy to remove or add you don’t need to install or anything like that. I mean, come on telegram have been a big selection of bagging stickers. What’s pretty cool is you can preview these stickers just by clicking and holding down and swiping past through each sticker to see the many animations.

 Then if you click and hold down a bit longer, you can activate a shedule just by choosing a date and time, you smack that schedule button and your sticker is good to go. What then happens is it goes into your sheduled messages folder. You’ll in the chat which will disappear the scheduled message has been sent. But if stick is is not your jam, what’s really wild about telegram is when you select a single emoji and press that send button the emoji becomes animated and it is just so much fun. Not every single emoji has an animation but most of them do and you’ll find them all you go along.

 Now we got to talk about some messaging hacks, because I’m pretty sure every single one of us has made a spelling error before where we then go back and type in a star the right spelling and sent that with telegram you no longer need to do that because if you click and hold down on the message with a spelling error, you’ll see this little pencil icon right at the top and if you click on that, you can edit the message you just sent. correct the spelling click Send again and keep in mind you will see this little edited sign. Something else you may not have known about is self destructing media right over here. If you click this clock icon, you can choose a time where your media will self-destruct the chats. This is such a sneaky feature and I love it.

The self destruction timer will only start your friend has opened up the photo or video. After that, you’ll see this little progress bar where eventually the media self destructs. Speaking of which, if you head into a chat and click on those three little dots, and then select Clear history, you’ll see this little pop up menu Appear at the bottom. And here you can choose how long you want the messages and media to continue in your chats altered you can go back and change these settings just by clicking on the profile photo.

So the important thing is if you ever wanted to alter delete messages or media a chat, now you know how. Okay now here we have some banging of photo customization and editing options that are so much more than your average chat applications. For example, if you click on the stickers icon, you can add one of those downloaded stickers to your photo, like this. But not only that, if you head back to the sticker section and click on this mask icon, you can choose from a whole host of different stickers that you can apply straight to your photo and have quite a lot of fun with. Then if you want to add some text you can of course do this.

And to change the font, you click on the text icon and select your font. Then if all that is still not enough, you can click on the tuning icon to adjust just about anything when it comes to your photo, it be shadows and highlights or even curves. And not only can you do this with photos, but you can do it with videos too. You have the same editing options right at the bottom except that you can choose to change the quality of your video which is so epic and you can even use a brush tool to add some pretty spicy effects then this is one You definitely got to try. And it’s pretty similar to sending voice messages. I’m pretty sure you’re all super familiar with how to do that. But telegram if you click on the mic icon, it magically changes into a camera icon.

And what you can then do is click hold down and record a video message. I don’t know about you guys, but this kind of blew my mind. And it works the same way. If you click hold down and swipe up, it locks into place where you can then even toggle your camera around to use the back facing camera and grab some pretty snazzy footage. what’s crazy is you can still then go ahead and edit that video message just by using this little editing bar at the bottom. And when you’ve sent it off, your friend will of course received the message just like this and I think it is such a vibe, much better than sending voice notes. If you’re in a hurry, you can play it at two times the speed or even pause and play the chat.

And by the way, if you’re enjoying the video so far, definitely hit that subscribe button because we’re on the road to 1 million and if you served it would be Now we all know you can have a profile photo but with telegram you can have a profile video. I know right? Pretty nifty. To do this and have your own profile video, jump on over to settings and right over here tap on this camera icon then it’ll open up your gallery and from here you can choose video adjusted fits nicely in the window, trim it down with this editing bar. And I showed you guys earlier edit and customize a whole bunch of different things.

 So for my profile video, I spiced it up a bit using this coin sticker place that just over my right shoulder then click Done. And like that, guys, I had a profile video that is definitely way cooler than having a regular profile photo. Okay, now I’m not gonna lie, guys, when I first found this hack out, I was kind of shocked. So what you’re gonna do is the chat, click on the message section and type in at game bot or add to game me the second you’ve typed that in, you’ll see these game options appear . And, you can choose the game to stop playing with your friends.

This course a one is so simple, but let me tell you guys, it is really difficult to play but a bunch of fun. And when I first shared this with my friends on telegram, they were pretty amazed I’m not gonna lie. What’s really cool is this little information that appears your chat is busy playing the game, there are so many different fonts to choose from. So definitely type in game box or de me and have fun guys. Then if you’re into the organization, you are going to love this one. And what you’re going to do is make your way over to settings and click on folders. Once in here create a new folder. So for my example, I created family and then what you’re going to do is add all your open chats that relates to family. So I just added my dad and Mike.

Then that is done, tap the Save button and create all your other folders like friends work spam, you name it, and from there, you can rearrange those folders. But the coolest part is all of that is done and you head back to the main chat section. You’ll now notice custom folders you created are separate tabs at the top of your chat section. I don’t know about you guys, but I find this very useful. Now let’s talk about secret chats, how you can create them and what they do. So the main chat menu, if you click on this little pencil icon right over there, you’ll see new secret chat. And by the way, this definitely makes sure your chats are encrypted in telegram what you can then do for me is search for your contact so I’m just chatting with my girls surely handle Once you’ve selected that contact, your secret chat will begin.

And now you can do quite many nifty things. For example, a self destruct timer Once you’ve selected the amount of time this will apply to every single message media that is sent in this chat. So for example, right over here, my message is sent 5 seconds, it disappears from the chat never to be seen again. This applies to both people’s messages the chat and not just your own so make sure you quick now this one is a big time saving feature and let me show you how it’s done. We’ve all had those messages before with a bunch of important information or addresses, you name it in telegram and they make it pretty convenient.

All you do is tap a hold down on the message then tap the forward button and make sure to select the saved messages and that message will then magically be placed in your saved message chat so that in future whenever you want to quick and easily access this message, copy and paste it. It’s right over there along with all of your other saved messages from all your multiple chats. Okay guys enough for many quick bonus hacks that you’re definitely gonna want to try. So did you know you end typing out a message if you click and hold down on the send button, you can choose to share schedule, or send a message without a information sound, then of course, the time to schedule your message, it’ll wait patiently in the sheduled message chat until the time is just right.

 Another thing you may not have known is you can delete other people’s messages a chat. Pretty crazy, right? So if you click and hold down on the message, then punch that trash icon you can choose to remove the message for both yourself and the other person. That’s pretty sneaky. Finally, So if you know how to do this on Samsung, let me know in the comments, but watch closely.

 If you go to the Settings section and tap 10 times on the Settings icon, you’ll access a super hidden menu just like that with a whole bunch of other settings that you can choose to check out and toggle on or customize to suit your telegram needs. So now that you guys know a little bit more about telegram I think you can see WhatsApp definitely have some catching up to do. But you guys let me know what you think of telegram and if you want to see some more tips, tricks and hacks. You can check out some of my other article right over here.

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