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iPhone 7 With different Color Review

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Hey guys, what’s up down here today we are checking out the matte black gold, silver and rose gold iPhone seven colors. Now we don’t have the jet black, that one was out of stock and we won’t be getting it soon we will be getting like an October or something or maybe I can find one before then. But for now these are all the colors that you can get in the regular, and cheapest. So you can get all of these for 650 while the jet black starts off at 750. So these are all pretty much the Athlon seven colors. And the good ones anyway because I don’t like the jet black after I tried it at the store. I don’t think it’s very good.

 It’s a little bit too glossy in my opinion. You can all see them there, they look pretty on Point to what they look like in real life. The the pink ones a little bit kind of weird in real life in and camera at the moment, but it’s a little bit maybe more pink in certain situations. But the other colors, they’re going to look like this pretty much all the time. So the one that I chose year is the matte black, I just like how kind of selfie it is. And not minimum because I think this one’s a little bit more minimal and simple and less sophisticated, in, you know, but this was kind of the new color and it looks kind of cool.

 I just like how the front kind of matches the back this time. The Space Gray last year was nice, not this is not the Space Gray. This is the space gray right here, it was really nice. But the sides still, you know, didn’t kind of blend the whole phone. This one right here, it just all looks like like it’s one piece, at least from far away does you know. And of course the glossy, or the jet black is gonna look even more like that. But the fingerprints is just another story. I can’t get into that right now. We’ll check it out when we get the phone. Now of course we have the gold, silver and the rose gold, we did videos on the black, the silver and the gold and the rose gold.

 This video we’ll be covering kind of the main things that we spoke about in those two videos. Because those were a little bit too long, we’re going to try to shorten those and kind of talking about everything in one video here, right off the bat, the fingerprint thing, none of these three are gonna get many fingerprints on them. While these you can barely notice whenever you touch the phones, they’re gonna stay pretty clean. Now the silver one right here is going to get the dirtiest of the mall, whenever you put them in a Case you take them in and out of a pocket, they’re gonna get lint, they’re gonna get kind of like black spots on them from dirt and just overtime usage.

 And second being you know, the rose gold and the gold and the third being the black because you can barely notice that on here. But with that said, All these are water resistant. So you can just take them, rinse them underwater, dry them out, and they’ll be good new. So that’s kind of cool. Now one thing to note here is that just like last year’s silver model, they didn’t do the white lines kind of would have liked the white lines. I think they look pretty cool like that. But they did gray lines. So if you kind of like those white lines, you are gonna want to go with, you know, the rose gold or the gold.

 These two right here have like everything tinted to the color that they were designed. So the rose gold has the in in here rose gold, it has everything just rose gold, everything, even the Apple logo smoked the rose gold and the Apple logo here is smoke to gold. And all you know, you can’t find anything of another color. It’s all very nicely painted and detailed. So it looks really good.

On the other hand here, we do have the silver color right here. But we have regular silver metal here for the color and just kind of all around you have blacks and Silver’s and everything kind of mixing in together to give you this kind of very simple and Stormtrooper looking phone, which looks really nice. And then of course, we have the Batman phone over here, which is all dark, you can’t see the sensors or the camera. Everything’s hidden. When the screen is off, it all looks like it’s just one piece of glass covering the whole thing. And it’s kind of very boring dull compared to the other ones.

So if you’re not into that, you want to spice it up a little bit more, maybe go with one of these three colors, or maybe even one of these two colors right here. The home buttons are or you know, they have the Touch ID ring around them. And those are colored right here to each phone except the black one, the black one is barely discernible. Again, you can barely see anything there. It’s just you know, kind of like the button and it’s not even a button anymore. Whoops, my credit card. And you can just kind of see them there. Of course the backside is mainly where it’s going to matter.

But what I did want to show you guys is one thing that I’ve kind of forgotten to show in the other videos is how these guys look under a Case because most of you guys are going to get a Case for these phones. And you have them on their Case, you’re hiding most of the phone and you’re only going to have the front expose and some little accents. So that’s going to matter. Maybe change your opinion and what phone you’re going to get because depending on the Case that you get these phones could look even cooler than what they look like. Now so for example, we put this Case on the rose gold right here.

And you can kind of see how the accents shine through. And they mix really nice with this blue Case, you can just see that there, you get that rose gold accent on the side on the bottom, and of course, the whole front is exposed. Now let’s go ahead and move on here to the gold. Now putting it on here on the gold, you can see again, the accents are exposed here. So you have this really nice blue color. With the gold here, gold here, of course, the front and the bottom, it just looks way nicer. And this would make me think getting the gold even more because I mean, it just looks awesome.

And of course, you can get a red Case for this, a white Case, a lighter blue Case, different types of cases. And the axes are all going to look different. And cooler. Now let’s go ahead and put it on the silver phone. So you guys can see that. And you can see how that looks right there. Very nice, very simple. And minimal, really just not attention grabbing at all still very nice looking. And then we have the black phone, which is the least attention grabbing of the mall. But of course, end up being the most attention grabbing because that’s the color that you can tell it’s the new phone.

And you can see it right there. It’s kind of like the the most boring phone in terms of contracting with cases, it just looks whoops, it just looks very, you know, simple. And, you know, nothing special to it, it just looks like a black phone, when all these kind of have these really nice design accents to them. But then again, it looks pretty awesome, too. So it just depends, you can see them what the Case is there. So you can make a choice. And decide based on that, which I think is a good decision Point.

And a good Point to be made because that all will change how you view the phones. Last but not least, I’ll go over why I always get the black phone. And that’s because it has the black front in which it makes everything seem very seamless. And like it’s all one piece of glass. There’s no black borders around it that you can tell. So here we’re on the website. And if we go on here on the website, which is what I went over in the white silver, and black comparison, is that you can see these black borders right here, running all around the screen. And that kind of for me, it throws me a little bit out of the experience.

And one thing I’ve before I forget this because I forgot it in the white and silver, the screen on the white and silver one is far more white and much nicer looking than the one on my iPhone, I don’t know if it’s just my iPhone acting up right now, for the past hour or so. But

the I don’t know if you can tell maybe on camera even a little bit, you can kind of tell this is much wider. And that’s a little bit more yellow tinted. And I don’t know if that’s has to do with the screens that they’re using or something. But um, definitely worth noting, maybe look at that in the App Store before you purchase it.

Or I don’t know, that’s something that I have to look into and make sure so you know, I’ll post something about it on the website. But with that said, again, the Blackboard is whenever you’re gaming, whenever you’re text messaging, whenever you’re doing anything, you’re going to be there and they annoy some people, most people, they don’t care, they just want the color that they want and that’s not going to bother them. But if you’re one of those people that it bother you then definitely go with the black phone because you don’t want that becoming an issue later on. Once you realize it does annoy you.

 And then you can’t return the phones but yeah, guys, that’s pretty much it for this video. It was just going over the colors of the iPhone seven. If you guys have specific questions feel free to reach out to me on twitter at RMR dnl or at our gadgets I’ll get back to you soon I can. And aside from that, you can comment down below. Let me know what your favorite color is. And you know ask me question you want if you need help with anything before you purchase up phone. So yeah, guys, thanks for watching this article. and like that button. Like that button what hit that like button if you liked this article, and I’ll catch you guys in the next article. Goodbye.

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