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Its An Amazing Device Review Google Glass

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Hey guys, what’s up down here with our guides calm today we’re gonna be doing a quick unboxing of Google Glass. This is a product that is coming to consumers later this year, if not early next year. And I got it because I was invited are one of the lucky few to be invited for the Explorer program. I submitted a submission through Twitter. And I was invited. So I went to California to pick these up. And I just got back. But yeah, this is how you get them when you go and pick them up for from Google, you get this bag says glass, nothing else in there. Then you get the glass box. And then you get to accessories, and dark for the sun.

 And then these when you’re running bike, or something like that we you don’t want something to get in your eye. Or you want them to look like glasses. Here’s the actual Google glass box. No, it’s very plain, very minimal, just glass on the front. And these were 15 $100 with tax, so it’s a ton of money. And yes, we peel off this paper. And these kind of moved out of the way. Those come like that. And yeah, so let’s take a closer look here, you can see it to see right down there. This is the actual piece. It’s not made of glass.

But this is kind of like where the image that you see goes. Capture run right up there, you tap and hold, you start recording a video. And then while you’re recording a video, you tap that again and you extend the video longer than 10 seconds, the touchpad is right out here, we’ll take a look at that in a second on an off switch in there. And then you get the listening or the bone conduction piece. That is right there. And that’s what allows you to hear glass. So yeah, let’s put Google Glass aside. And let’s open this up and see what else is in there.

All right. So for the 15 $100 price, you get glass, a nice microfiber carrying Case, which apparently is made out of Japanese microfiber, it’s super good quality. Here, it tells you you know how to close it in glass goes right in there. The glass piece, looking down, and then you can just hit this really hard. And glass would not break your carry in there. Now the final consumer version will apparently be foldable. So you know, you’ll be able to fold it into a carrying Case, stead of having a hard shell like that. But here we have the really nice two tone color. USB, that charges glass. And now Google, this is a regular you can use regular USB, micro USB thing that you have.

You use this one to help with Google Glasses life and not ruin it quickly. So you know, and Google Glasses charge in about 20 minutes. So the battery dies in about six hours, five hours, four hours. But you know, you connect real quick and charged in 20 minutes, and you’re good to go. So that’s, that’s a good thing. Here’s the you know, the end. So just this is just one of the nicer cables that I’ve seen. It’s flat. So it’s really cool. And then at the end, it says it’s like this, it acts a stand for Google Glass. So you can just connect it right there. You can connect right there. And use that a stand. So when you’re charging, it’ll just be like that. Yeah, let’s put down. Again. Last but not least in the box, we get this little package with two sets of the nose paths.

And you get some tips and q&a is you know, questions and answers. And yeah, that is all that you get in the box. Google Glass. So now let’s take a look at glass itself and the accessories that came with it up this the shades. So Google Glass, put aside. And now closer look. So here we go. We got the two nose pads. This is made out of titanium it’s really bendy. Even though it feels kind of like it would break. You know, but I really wouldn’t recommend doing that too much.

You can move this eyepiece right here, back and forth to adjust it and you move these two and that’s the only way to justice. You move these two and this back and forth until you can see the whole box sad The thing is that my right eye can’t see good my left eye. So the screen is kind of blurry for me, which really sucks. So hopefully the left diversion will come out in the future, the camera button again, and you can just see it there. It’s very, very nice looking. Obviously, you have the HD camera here in the front, which takes pictures pretty good. I’ll be sharing some through Twitter and stuff like that in the future.

 But you know, it is light. And they, they really stress that a lot. Because you know, you put that up, you put this on. And if you’re not used to wearing glasses, this is gonna be kind of annoying, I don’t wear glasses. For the most part, and these, you know, you do have to get used to something being right there on your nose. So it’s not for everyone. But it is really cool. So let’s put this down. Here we have the shades. And this is the darker ones. And you know, very nicely packaged. And we’re just going to pull them out through here, we don’t have to rip open the thing when they come very nicely packed. As you can see with microfiber, it’s a very, really soft microfiber. And there we go.

And they’re really good up in the sun and they look much cooler they make you look like Terminator or something. So how does this go on? Just take this, pull it up, and then you twist it on. And look at that. That just looks super cool. Now we have on you do look through the the through the shades, it doesn’t make the screen worse or anything, you can still see it perfectly fine. But yeah, these do when you look at your smartphone, and it makes your smartphone look all you know, blurrier. It gives you that shine rainbow effect. But yeah, right, looks really cool. And some people prefer wearing them like that. So people do not realize much that you’re wearing Google less.

And that is true, since even though when you’re wearing it without anything, people still imagine that you’re wearing glasses. And that you have sort of glass in front of your eye. Because people aren’t used to seeing things that don’t have anything there. So let’s take a look at the second one and end up this video real quick. All right. And pull these up. Now it says glass right here in the front. And you can see everything’s glass branded. And, it says export edition. But yeah, you can see these are clear. And they go on the same way. You you put it on like this away from the glass, and then you bring it towards the the glass piece which isn’t made out of glass again. I can barely see this through the camera.

 So let’s try this again. There we go. There we go. No, there we go. Okay, there we go. Perfect. And you can see, they now look more like regular eyeglasses, prescription glasses. Um, so you can do it like that to. Some people think that it looks better like this. And people think it looks better without anything Some people think looks better with the black ones. But yeah, that is pretty much Google Glass. We can turn it on right here. And it should be turning on. It’s not turning on them. Let me see why it’s not turning the time. It’s definitely on. There we go. So it’s turning out you can kind of see it there.

And it’s really far away from your eyes. It doesn’t cause ice cream. But it does take a while to get used to it. Because it the quality of the screen is really good. So here we are, we can be like, okay, glass. Okay, glass. Take a picture. Take a picture. All right, maybe I heard Google Hamas. try this again. Okay, glass. Take a picture. There we go. And it takes a picture. And then you can do the same thing and say record a video. Okay, glass, Google blah, blah, blah.

Right now the directions are limited to Android devices and text messages and things like that. Hopefully, they’ll add more support for iOS users in the future. But yeah, it’s pretty simple. You know, use the touchpad. You can see it’s scrolling through things right there. And yeah, that’s pretty much it. Use two fingers or one finger to shut it down, but it’s asleep and then one finger to tap again to bring it back. But yeah, that is Google Glass. That is what the hi is all about you know, hopefully they’ll bring more things more apps to this in the future. And I’ll try to get our visa in the coming weeks of the Explorer edition it is. And that thank you guys for watching, and I’ll catch you guys in the next article. Goodbye

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