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My Best Amazon Fire TV Setup

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Hey guys, what’s up here with dark Gadgets. Today we are setting up the Amazon Fire TV. Now I just hooked it up and I didn’t have to do anything, it just automatically found the controller. So that’s what we’re at so far. So it says press play, stop to start. There we go. scanning for networks, we’re going to choose dark Gadgets. And now we’re going to input the password arts and now it’s connecting to my Wi-Fi network successful that’s pretty quick.

Now it does have dual band Wi Fi, which makes it a lot quicker than the competition. we’ll see how long this takes. Okay, so the download itself took about two or three minutes. But yeah, so there we go. This system is booting up with the latest firmware, Amazon Fire TV. And it’s running through that again, that is odd. So let’s see, it’s maybe just booting up the latest software now. Because it had already installed it. So let’s see how long this tix

new amazon fire tv. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your new streaming media player. So we’re going to take a quick tour together that will teach you all about your fire TV.

Fire TV lets you stream a big amount of entertainment in the Amazon Fire TV remote lets you access it all. With voice search, you can access the entertainment the sound of your voice. It’s really pretty cool. Let’s get started. Just press and hold this button at the top of the remote. Wait for the prompt on screen and say what you want to watch after the tone. Life of your choice shows up instantly. We take your voice information and process it in the cloud to deliver better, search results.

 And to help improve your experience. Use your voice to find movies, TV shows, actors, directors, film categories, even games and apps. Save a name and fire TV will give you the results you’re looking for. Hugh Jackman. Press here to select what you want from the voice search results. And the fire TV while I’m sitting with this part. Okay, there we go. Alright, I restarted the video again, by mistake. If you do get this, make sure you don’t try to skip the video and just watch it the first time around or unmute it and walk away and come back a few minutes afterward.

Alright, we go. We finally got through that video took about five or four minutes to get through that. And it just basically went over that you can upload your photos, use your Kindle to beam a video up there. play games with the controller that comes with this or the external game controller or the more game controller that they sell separately. But yeah, we don’t want parent controls here. But if your parent and you want to do that, feel free. They of course have this special mode for kids. I think they charge a monthly fee for that. But here it is, we’re in it. Finally the longest part of this whole thing was getting through that damn video. But yeah, here we have some watchlist things.

 And I haven’t even signed into my Amazon account. But I guess it comes already signed in to my account I ordered this with. So that’s, I believe, because I had Breaking Bad the final season. I have that on there. And I have that on there. But yeah, let’s see games here. Your games, okay, so it comes with the game here. And it’s in the cloud, who can remove it from the cloud or click on it.

So I guess is the one that Amazon made specially for this, and it downloads it right away. interface, others have mentioned is reminiscent of the Plex interface. But it does look a lot like the Kindle Fire interface. So it’s got like a mix of both and and, you know, it’s like all the user interfaces combined to make this one. But yeah, the the device is $100 plus tax plus shipping, unless you have two day free prime. And then you can buy the controller that is $40 extra. And you can see how quickly the video is downloading I’m not or the game is downloading. I’m not speeding this up on a connection that is about 120 down. So it really depends on your connection.

 But I mean, the thing itself is quite speedy. The Apple TV that I’ve used or that I’ve had has been terrible much the whole time because I mean the connection on the Apple TV for some reason. It’s just bad. Most of the time videos from YouTube are lagging and things like that. it requires the game controller. So if you want to pretty much enjoy the whole experience, and I’m here looking for the game controller, here we go, there it is, if you want to enjoy the whole game experience, you’re going to pretty much have to buy the gaming controller. And it’s, I guess worth it.

 Because I mean, you’re already getting into this amazon fire tv ecosystem. So why not try it and enjoy the most of it. Now, I mentioned in the controller, unboxing, this controller doesn’t feel all that great, you can expect something like the Xbox One controller, or the PlayStation four controller. But it’s a start. So here, let’s go ahead and launch the game. Amazon Game Studios let’s, let’s just see how quickly this launches, I’m not really going to start playing the game right now. So it was just to see how quickly it would download, and then launch. But you can see this is from Amazon Game Studios. And this is pretty much your first game for this device. And they’re going to be getting into it more.

 Now what’s great is that this platform is on Android and HTML. So developers can Port their apps over to the system, which is again, just great. So let’s see here. Exit game to play the controller, you got to exit the game, go to settings and joy, Okay, perfect. So we’re not doing that right now. But you can see that’s how you play the controller. So before you download the game, go do that. If you do get the controller, let’s go back home here, clicking the home button on the thing. And there we go. So featured apps in games, Netflix, Hulu Plus Minecraft. That’ll be interesting. I mean, if you have kids or something like that, or you yourself, that’s a great game to play. Hopefully it looks good on here.

I’m assuming it’s optimized to look great and 10 ATP, but we’ll see it is the mobile or the Pocket Edition. So we have Asphalt Airborne eight, Bebo. Now all the apps that they’ve been touting and saying that, oh, we have a ton of apps. Many of those won’t be coming till next month, many of the games, maybe because developers are still working on it. And yeah, there’s mass adoption, of course, you’re gonna see a ton of more apps coming into this. I mean, this already has a lot more apps than the competitors when they first launched.

But it’s gonna be interesting, because I have a choice of Apple, Roku. And all the other big ones, but I mean, I really love the controller and what Amazon has done here, let me see something here. Hugo. Let’s see that. Yes, I did. So. Okay, I clicked OK. And there we go. That was pretty quick. I can watch now what happens if I click Watch now let’s see, oh, it’s part of prime so I can watch your free. That’s great.

But let’s see how long this takes to load the movie real quick. It’s just interesting here. I just want to see how quick this is. And then we’ll end the video. And I know you guys like to listen to me talk, but it has to end at Point. You know, I can just keep talking forever. Because that would destroy my voice and bore you out at one Point. And this video is not playing for some reason. Maybe let’s go home. I don’t know what’s happening. Maybe it’s a problem with vl guy. Oh, yeah, that’s probably because I have the Elgato connected to record this. Now I was making something up. Nevermind. Now it’s working.

 No, no, it’s not. It’s not working. Press and hold. I mean, I’m assuming I would load pretty quickly, but it’s not going to work. Maybe because at the Elgato hooked up and you can’t record things like that. That’s odd, though, should be able to play the dang movie. I would get copyrighted anyway, probably. So it’s better not to. Sadly, we cannot check out how quickly it loads something. We already tried that. I was here some other apps we have YouTube search we have frequency. Ninja hero. What? Yes. But just though Pandora, Hulu. Alright, we got a good amount of apps here we have this pickleball some good games. Not bad.

And yeah, so I mean, we’re gonna see a ton of things coming to this. Because developers can Port this thing over and play it on here. You can just play android games on here. But uh, that’s it for this video guys. That was it. That was a quick little a quick little overview of the oh my gosh, why do I buy this? What I just buy that I pay for that. No, I think I said $0 right. I think it said that but it still doesn’t work. So I was trying to show you hopefully then charge me anything. But yeah, so that is it for this article again. We’ll catch you guys in the next one. It really helps out the channel. And if you have questions, feel free to message me. I’ll get back to you soon I can. Goodbye

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