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My Personal Experiance With Galaxy S10 Review

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From my phone because of the larger screen, the wide lenses on the camera, the headphone jack and the USB C Port, since this is pretty much everything that I want in a smartphone. At the end, they both devices, the S 10. And the Xs that I have are impossible. And yes, I know that the S 10 is cheaper and overall better bang for your buck. But this video is not about that. Now, it’s worth mentioning that if you have something like the s eight or the S nine, then there really isn’t much here for you. Of course.

 So, it’d be very different if I had an older iPhone or an older galaxy, I mean ad swap from an iPhone seven to an S 10 in a heartbeat, So yeah, how about I just go real quick with a rundown of my thought process to why I was getting this phone. And why would even take something that I just recently bought like the Xs and switch it out for the last time. So first off, it has a headphone jack, which I can use for headphones or just connect like a lavalier microphone. It’s really nice versatile. It keeps things very simple. Since I still do use wired headphones, it has a USB C Port.

So I can use that same charger my MacBook or my Nintendo Switch and have no issues. But most importantly, I really dig the wide angle lenses because it makes indoor and outdoor shots really cool in a lot of cases. Another thought of mine was that I do still prefer fingerprint sensors over face scanning, I’ve just liked being able to open a phone with my finger while I’m pulling it out of my pocket. The other thing is that I really am starting to hate the knotch on my iPhone, I’ve just had it for so long, and the bezels. And everything is really starting to look outdated. And after seeing the way the whole punch camera looks on the S 10.

 That is my reasoning behind switching to the s 10. Unfortunately, the thing is that out of those reasons that I just mentioned, three out of seven of them turned out to me not all that great and not good enough to justify swapping my Xs. Now those are the front facing camera, the rear 3 cameras and the special fingerprint sensor. One that wasn’t on that list that I just wasn’t expecting to not like was the color temperatures of this screen where I couldn’t get it to where the whites look good enough to my liking. But I’ll cover that towards the end. For now I think I’m going to get into one of the main things of this phone, which is the cameras that it has on there. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you the sample pictures here so that you guys can see them and talk a little bit about them here.

 Now what I’m not going to do is put the answer key here in the video. So you’re not going to see which phone is which I will have that in the description but do not look at the description until after we go through it. That way you can really just look at the pictures and see what side you like better. Now one of the things I noticed while using all these cameras and looking at all these pictures and everything that I took was that sometimes it is quite difficult. I mean, sometimes the S 10 will blow the iPhone away, I mean the clothes will look impossible everything the whole picture will look like ready for upload and sharing. And other times it comes out really, really bad.

There’s just this problem with consistency with the S 10 which I’m not a big fan of just in my personal use Case I tend to take a lot of pictures around the house with my cat or my dog and not great lighting. And I saw that the S 10 would really mess up whenever it was a little bit of low light. It really tries to add a lot of white when it’s in low light it kind of ruins a shot a lot of times and other times it’s just really slow to take the shots and it gets blurry. I had a lot of issues with that. Just getting bad shots in general you know just ruining that moment.

I tend to just pull out my phone and take a quick picture put it back in my pocket and now want to think about it I’m sure that if I use the promo code on the S 10 for the camera and set everything properly then I could get a better picture on my iPhone, but I don’t want to do that. Personally I overall after looking at all the pictures I ended up just deciding I do prefer the colors and things coming out of the iPhone even though sometimes Yeah, the Samsung did beat it out just an overall thing. I was like you know what I kind of do like the phone that I have right now it’s not worth switching to it just for the camera. Another thing was that during selfies it was basically a no brainer that the Xs is going to be just in better if you do a lot of selfies and things and you like shooting your face for Instagram and stuff like that.

 I just found the S 10 added way too much sharpness and it ruins the look of the skin sometimes. So and this was mainly indoors outdoors it does well. And even sometimes it had better color accuracy and it was kind of doing things more nicely to the image than the iPhone. The thing was just you know again, overall like out of 20 shots how many shots that I like on the SN how many shots that I like on the iPhone, and for me the iPhone did when that well. The only thing I could do was play around with the beauty filter on the S 10 two Kind of soften the skin a little bit and give it that same look like the iPhone.

But yeah, I think that sometimes it’s just that the skin tones look better on the iPhone because it tends to prioritize the look and the color over the sharpness and brightness, which I tend to see the S 10 do. Again, I could play with the exposure and the ISO and things like that to get a better picture. But that’s not something I want to do with my phone. Now let’s move on to one of my biggest bummers here, which was the fingerprint sensor and straight up, it just doesn’t work as I thought, and it feels more like a gimmick than anything. And this is due to the small scan area. So you really do have to put your thumb, right, that middle.

And if I’m a bit off it, just one scan. So this kind of doesn’t allow me to put my finger in my pocket where it’s supposed to go, at least not naturally. I mean, I could you know, like feel off the phone and like put my finger in the middle of What have you not, but when I’m using something like that, I really want to use a naturally and by the time that it gets up to where you know, my hand is to use a phone, I would love for it to be unlocked. And with that fingerprint sensor that just doesn’t do it well. I just found it to be overall very cumbersome is really cool. Yeah, and doesn’t unlock fast.

Yeah, most of the time. But in quick use cases, when you’re not thinking about these things, and you want just something in a work, it just, you know, didn’t work for me when I was using it. I think the idea of a fingerprint sensor built into the screen is great, but only of the areas much larger. So you can unlock it without having to think about these things. I know you can say like, oh, you’ll just train your brain to do it. And voila. And I tried, I just didn’t like the process to where to do it. So I ended up turning it off. If I had to do it again, I would probably go with the S 10 e.

 And that’s what I would recommend to get honestly, because that fingerprint sensor on the side, I was trying it out at one of Samsung’s events. And it really is plays very nicely there. And it even has gesture control on it. And it’s really great. If there is any device to get, it’s really the S 10 e, not the S 10 or the S 10. Plus, in my opinion, there’s that great just flat screen, the corner on the S 10 do distort the image a little bit on the sides. And yeah, I think just a little side note here, if you’re looking into these phones, I highly recommend looking into the s 10 e and not the other ones. Now what I ended up using to unlock the phone was face scanning just the same my Xs, it works really great. And yeah, no problems there.

Now, I mentioned earlier, a issue I had was with the color temperatures of the display. Unfortunately, you can’t really see it well on camera. But you know, when I took it out of the box, it was pretty much like almost super yellow, it was kind of crazy how yellow it was, I hadn’t seen a screen this yellow in a while, I had to go to screen mode, change it to vivid so I could access a white balance slider, and then move it to the right, which did balance the colors. Not something that personally bugs me just because I really noticed the slight differences in whites, I’m very particular about certain colors looking the right way.

 And while it wasn’t an issue in general usage, whenever I would look at an icon, I could see that it was a little bit off white, not a big fan of that. Again, since I already had the Xs, I was just thinking, you know, it’s not worth switching to something that I’m not 100% excited about or happy with. Now let’s move on to a thing I didn’t like that has to do with the Samsung one UI which has been improved. Everything is snappy. Samsung has done a great job of really making this much better than what they last had. But for gesture navigation, it really is a drag compared to how Google does it on the pixel and how Apple does it on the iPhone. I have no idea what Samsung was thinking here, I just could not like it. I mean, sure, you can go ahead and like learn it.

And but it’s a mechanical movement, what they’ve done here, it’s not smooth, it’s not intuitive. It’s not fun to navigate the phone with the gestures. So pretty much I ended up just turning those off and using it without that bottom thing. The thing is that I really like gesture controls. I’m a bigfan of it. And I think I’m done with buttons. So I’m not going to keep a phone that I’m going to have to use the buttons when I’m already you know, in this like gesture train. I like the gestures, and I want it to be like either the pixel or the iPhone more. Now of course I’m going on a hate train and I’m mentioning all these negatives like crazy and everything I thought I would just add in that the speakers do not sound great.

The back of the phone vibrates whenever you’re watching anything in your in, you know holding the phone in your hand and you’re watching videos and movies and things like that. It’s not a major negative Of course, you’re gonna plug in headphones anyway or something like that. But you do have it out or anything it’s going to vibrate a table, it’s going to vibrate your hand or anything more than you know other device that I’ve felt in recent times other flagship that’s out there. But yeah, I mean, those are the things that made me not like this phone all that much. And I’ve just decided, heck, I will just stick with the tenascin I know that I seem like a brat complaining like, Oh, you know, I’ll just keep my current flagship device instead of switching to another flagship device.

 I understand how that sounds. It is silly, but you know, I’m just making a video I’m explaining my thought process here. However, even if your phone right now is an es seven, es eight and iPhone seven and iPhone eight, etc, any other device released in the past many years, I highly recommend you just keep saving up and wait six months more to see what is coming out from other manufacturers. And if nothing captures their interest by them, then you can upgrade to an S 10 or a 10 s any phone that’s a flagship right now and pay significantly less than what it’s selling for. But more specifically, I do want to mention, if you have an S eight or an S nine, it’s 100% not worth the upgrade.

I think if I had to choose between an S nine or an S 10, I think I would go for an S nine. Just because you don’t have a knotch I mean, you still have a full screen if you’re fine with it, just many little you know a bit of chin on top and bottom, then you get no notch that’s obstructing the display. The thing with this like whole punch knotch is that and now makes it makes like a really large info bar with everything on games and things like that. And then you’re not taking advantage of that space that you have there.

So in games and things now you have a bigger chin than what you had on the S nine. So it’s really not a benefit at all. It just looks really cool. It looks futuristic. But if you have an S eight or an S nine, just keep your device for now. And now that’s that about the S 10. I mean, I have the Xs and it’s something I really can’t recommend buying since it’s just not worth the money. I think it’s just too expensive thinking phones like the s 10 and phones from one place and the pixel. They’re all just coming out with better price Points great features. But yeah, guys, that’s why I didn’t end up keeping the S 10 no clickbait no fanboy ism, no Android Versus Apple debate, no thing like that.

I wanted the phone, I bought the phone, I got the phone, I was switching to the phone, I was using the phone. I’m, heck, you know what the current phone I have? Does pretty much the same thing. And I like some of the features on my current phone more. I’m not gonna switch the latest just because it’s the latest and it looks really neat. If anything, and you’re looking into the 10 series, I recommend the S II. I feel like that’s a better device than the other two. But again, I honestly do not recommend upgrading to this or upgrading to phone. If your current phones working fine right now and you’ve held off for years, I would hold off another six months or so. Just to see what’s up with 5g. What’s up with foldable phones.

You know Motorola’s got one coming out. Samsung’s got one coming out Huawei has got one coming out. And yes, I know those are like 2015 $100. But those come out, you know, we’ll see price changes shift on, you know, normal phones and stuff. So even if nothing works for you, then you can get an S 10. Or you can get an Xs or anything like that for much cheaper. So hold off, you know, you end up saving money in the long term. And I know that you know, if you’re always pulling off to the next great thing, you will never end up buying anything.

But I think this particular moment in time where 5g is coming and foldable phones are coming. We’re kind of like at the end of an era and starting a new one. So I kind of highly recommend waiting so that you don’t waste your money. But yeah, guys, you can always reach out to me on twitter at Omar dnl or on Instagram at the same handle. And we can chat about this if you have any questions or anything. I can always help you guys decide and of course you can comment down below let me know what pictures you guys ended up liking the most the right or the left side. Of course the answer to that is down below in the description so you guys can see that. Aside from that. I will catch you guys in the next article. Goodbye.

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