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The Most Impressive Device iPhone 6 Review

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Hey guys, this silver and the space gray iPhone 6. And we’re really gonna focus on why you should get the silver or why you should get the Space Gray, you know, and hopefully help you decide which one you should spend your money on. Now, they of course, both cost the same, there’s no difference in the price for choosing one over the other. I believe that the space gray is the top seller this year. So by going with the white, you’re going to have a color that won’t be seen much.

So there you go. That’s one thing if you want to not have the same thing everyone else, even more, so I believe in gold is even less popular. So you’ll see even less people with the gold. But we’re going to stick to these two right here. And, you know, help you decide. Now, the first thing that I want to talk about here is that the black front on the iPhone six is one of the reasons that I went for this iPhone six. It’s less distracting, right? So this is the reason that TVs have a black bezel, because you want to focus on the video, or on the game that you’re playing.

You don’t want the border of the TV to annoy you and distract your phone while you’re watching you want to be you know, in the movie in the game, just like when you go to a cinema and you don’t see the curtains, you don’t see the borders, you just see the movie and everything else is dark. That is a reason I went with this. Because when I’m watching a video, I just want to be immersed in the experience in this new screen, which is a little bit bubbly and has that corners to it, it looks even more seamless and less distracting than ever before. With that said, we have the white one over here, which a lot of people prefer.

Now why do they prefer it? Well, one of the reasons out of many is that you have a two tone design here, you have the black screen and you have the white look, then you have the silver back, it just gives you you know a different feeling. It feels completely different to the space gray. Now, the back, of course, is very simple, very quiet, it’s not distracting at all. It’s just you know, it has simple design, it just looks more simple than the Space Gray. Even though the space gray this time around, you can see is much lighter than last year’s model by a lot. I mean, if you’re going to go light, you are basing this just on the color. I mean, I would prefer this way I really liked this color.

 And I think it looks really nice, because it’s so simple. Now, this goes for the color. I’m not a fan of the bands, they look a little bit this should have been white, to be honest. Because they I mean, the screen is white. So why aren’t the lines white, if you if you look at the gold over here, the lines are white. And I don’t know if you had noticed that they weren’t white. But they’re a dark, you know, they’re almost a silver looking. And I don’t think you know, I think it wouldn’t have looked bad with the white. Now, you know, you can see the difference in the, you know, this one’s darker. Now another reason to probably get this one is that this line, I’m guessing over time, if you use jeans, the discolor the the color of the jeans get into that plastic and make that plastic kind of discolor over time.

And I’m not 100% sure if this is going to happen, this is something that I’m kind of predicting happen. And you can see why I think this because there’s a lot of products this happened to me with the iPhone four, the the white, kind of over time, from my jeans started kind of looking blue, especially around the corners where the glass kind of ended and was stuck on. And it was really hard to clean that.

Now I feel like that’s going to happen to this plastic right here. And it’s less to happen to this dark plastic, even though it still happen to that. And it’s of course gonna happen even more to that gold with the white. But, you know, I’m, I’m not 100% sure it’s a little bit dark here. So you don’t I don’t know, I don’t have you know, maybe over time. If it does get this colored, I’ll make sure to tweet that out or something like that. But that’s one thing that I am kind of assuming happen. Now. What’s another reason here, of course, we have the the camera right here and the sensors up here. So that be a little bit distracting to people that to have just those random dots there that look like they’re out of Place.

And I know a lot of people get annoyed that there’s a camera here or a big thought here and not a big thought there for symmetry. And if that annoys you, then you’re definitely going to go with the iPhone in the black, because that is almost completely gone. And you can’t really see it most of the time. Now, let me clean that for you guys that you know get annoyed with smudges. I know that I do. So yeah, it’s almost seamless, and you can barely see it. Now, a third reason why you get this one or many reasons we’ve spoken about this here is to clean that for you again. And by the way, this cloth is really good.

The silver ring around here, I think it looks really cool. Like it looks a little bit, you know, more premium, like it has this premium feel to it right there. Because of that on the Space Gray, it’s gone. Right? Because it’s, it’s just colored, you can kind of see it at an angle, but it almost just looks like it’s a it’s just part of the home button, it doesn’t look like I don’t know, it’s just there’s something really cool about that button right there. With that ring around it. It just reminds me every time that has a fingerprint sensor, this one, you know, it kind of tries to hide that it has a fingerprint sensor, and almost makes a home button disappear, which be another reason why you prefer this one, it almost says, you know, this one has almost zero distraction on the front. While this one just has the two tone for people that like variety and don’t want such a such a boring and cold look.

 Because, of course this one is dead sadly. Now, I want to talk a little bit about UI. A lot of people have mentioned that. Since it has iOS seven or iOS eight. Will the software have anything to do with it will A Lot Of Apps look better on the white version? Well, the black border around the screen in some apps be annoying to some. So if I click calendar here, if you can see that black border right there, where the screen ends, and where the color of the actual phone starts. That’s, that’s gone on this phone. Because I mean, the bezels are black, and that just blends in and it all you know it could be taken in part of the bezel. While here It can’t. And it never annoyed me on the iPhone four.

And it doesn’t annoy me now I don’t you know, I don’t mind for it, of course prefer that one. But here, it’s not even that much visible. But it’s still a little bit visible. So we open certain apps, it’s open weather here. You know, the white phone really matches the luck of a lot of the apps that Apple has made in iOS seven. And it just helps look make it make it look cleaner. Hi, almost. I don’t why don’t I use touch ID? It has happened in too many videos right now. And it just you know, I think everything looks cleaner on the white iPhone. Right? Do you agree with me? Because you know, a lot of the apps that Apple has made are white. So everything looks clean and simple. On the right one This one looks. It’s not that it doesn’t look simple. It just doesn’t look Sorry, I got a text message. I don’t want to show that person’s name on the video. But uh yeah, I feel like you know where I’m going with this.

 It just everything looks a little bit cleaner on the right iPhone. Now these iPhones aren’t and set to the highest sensitivity in case you are wondering that it looks a little bit low. I did that so you can see the screen better. But yeah, guys, I think that’s pretty much it. If you have reasons as to why someone should get the white one or the black one. do comment down below or let me know because there’s a lot of people that you know, are really stuck on this decision. And yeah, hopefully it helps you decide a little bit. I know it’s super difficult to choose one. It’s happened to me way too many times in the past.

So when Apple analyses I was like, I’m going for the space great happens because when I saw that bubble, you look at the screen. I just I just wanted that for watching videos and and yeah, but they’re both amazing colors. You’re not going to go wrong with you are going to like you get in trust me even if you’re having second thoughts after purchasing one, you’re going to love it and you’re not going to regret your purchase. They’re both great phones. But yeah, that’s it. Thank you for watching this video.

You know between the white and the space gray or the black iPhone six. If you have questions feel free to comment always, make sure to subscribe to this channel to stay tuned for more videos. If you have video suggestions please let me know. I will try to make them because I know that a lot of people don’t Sometimes when you ask them to, but I will, you know, try my best to get that or you know, make sure to contact me on the website if you have special requests, you need me to find something out for you. And then I will catch you guys in the next video. Take care. Hey guys, before ending the video, I wanted to thank you for watching this video.

Now if you want to check out more coverage on the iPhone six, there’s a lot more on my channel I have unboxings of all the colors and overviews a bunch of other comparisons. Now if you really enjoyed this article, because it really helps and you can stay tuned for future videos that I make. And if you have questions, you can always contact me on the website or even comment on the video that you watch. And I’ll get back to you soon I can. And even if I don’t know something, I will research it and try to get back to you soon I can. So again, thank you for watching this article and I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll catch you guys in the next one.

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